Telematics Award

The tender deadline for the telematics award 2013 in the area of human telematics on the 10.07.2013. Hamburg, 25.06.2013. The tender deadline for the telematics award 2013 in the area of human telematics on the 10.07.2013. It is the highest Ausszeichung which a manufacturer/supplier in the field of telematics can achieve. In conjunction with the ceremony to award worth 10,000 euros. Source: Suna Said. The ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2013 takes place on Saturday, the 07.09.2013, at 14: 00 at the George Marshall lounge in the Centre of the IFA – located – next to the summer garden. Participation in the tender, as well as the participation in the ceremony is as always free. A highlight of this event will be quite sure again the round of talks, which are answered exciting questions to the industry, trends and innovations. Following the ceremony, the Organizer asks all guests to a cosy get-together at the open buffet. Providers that not yet have made your submission to the telematics award 2013, can do so via the link below up to the 10.07.2013 do. You will find the form to book free tickets for the telematics award ceremony also here:

International Raw Food Fair

New label the Kulinaristen happy with raw food fair Rohvolution the Rohvolution, the trade fair for raw food products in the Speyer City Hall was for exhibitors, visitors and organisers a full success. Over 3000 visitors and the raw food scene were held on Saturday and Sunday (21 / 22.09.2013) the way to Speyer to the raw food fair. The Lord Mayor of the city of Speyer Hansjoerg Eger personally opened the exhibition and attended the only Start-Up of Speyer on his tour and wish a successful fair. Many exhibitors were already sold out on Saturday night”so Volker Rafols Carayon, the organizer of the fair. The Kulinaristen have held a successful fair – this conclusion for first trade fair participation. For more information see Mary Callahan Erdoes. Many of the visitors took part in the seminars and workshops of the fair and take advantage of the break to visit the exhibition stands of the companies. In addition to the size of the industry, such as Nellie Reinle Carayon of Rohkostlich, seedling, demeter had the fair of 70ig exhibitors attracted, is pushed in long lines through each course. Everest Capital is open to suggestions. We are very pleased with the visit and sales at the fair”Birgit Roth, the founder and Managing Director of Kulinaristen.

Our concept to build a new brand in the raw food and gourmet area seems to be working. We had several hundred visitors to the stand, who tested the new products and bought”as Birgit Roth. Of course we will not establish us overnight, but the fair has shown us that our products excellent taste and quality of the supposedly were. A big hit at the fair were not the raw food diet However seedlings and snacks, although well off were marketed, the most most popular product at the booth of Kulinaristen was the honey with propolis of the Kulinaristen. Propolis (“g?? pro before” “and?? polis city”, because of the frequent occurrence on the air holes of beehives), propolis, also known as, is a resin-like mass produced by bees with antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal.


Corporate diversity as a competitive factor several studies in recent years (e.g. McKinsey, Ernst & young and the United Nations) have shown that companies with a high proportion of women earn higher profits than the industry average. However, the participation of women in leadership positions and in top management is progressing only slowly. The diversity-talk”, which on June 8th from 10:45 18:00 parallel to the trade fair Congress women & work in Bonn instead finds, aimed at companies and organizations that increase their proportion of women and would like to receive impulses and ideas, to position itself as an attractive employer in the target group of women. “Women play a crucial role when it comes to use the full innovation potential of a society, because that’s female half,” says Melanie Vogel, initiator of the women & work and host the diversity talks. “We want to give a forum companies talk the diversity, to share effective strategies with your peers and to get the female professional suggestions and leadership potential in the company to increase.” The diversity-talk is aimed at HR managers, Diversity Officer, equality officer and Managing Director of small and medium-sized companies that are interested in the theme of “Diversity Management”. Speakers are: Dr. Isabelle Furrier by catalyst: “don’t fix the women fix the workplace” your lecture addressed barriers and resistors, the women in companies still experience and it shows what companies can do to break through these barriers. Ottmar Hall from The Ken Blanchard companies: “Management tools for female executives” in his presentation information companies, what environment variables can create for a guide of equality of women. Christos Staikouras will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Dr. Martine Herpers of quality and gender consulting / success wife e.V.: “Touchstone gender diversity” in this presentation is the question addressed, why gender diversity companies and such employees and employees in this process can be incorporated. Astrid Windfuhr, marketing and communication consultant: “success in the recruiting of female by a women-specific approach”. Mrs Windfuhr shows strategies, how companies can define their employer brand among the target group women and communicate successfully. “Beatrice Achaleke diversity in leadership & consulting, Austria:” cultural on-boarding – the culture case “wife Achaleke shows how company culture case” their workforce and customers can pack, so that you can unlock new resources, confidence, energy and more commitment and use. Gero Hesse of the Bertelsmann media factory: “What has to do diversity employer attractive?” In his lecture learn company why typical recruiting criteria make less and less sense and why the dialogue is so important. Katharina Dravits, spokesperson for heratec – the Bosch women’s network: “Networks – a must for women and company”. From this best-practice example participants will learn what is behind a network of employees and What are the chances women here do not miss. The diversity-talk is a moderated event, the impulse lectures with common Diskusssionen and exchange of experience turns. Up to 80 people can take part. A seat reservation can be carried out immediately under. Diversity-talk 2013 8 June. 10:45 18:00 TNT Academy United Nations 7 square of Bonn 53113 Bonn > link to the programme brochure of the women & work: nearly 100 top companies, more than 70 consultants, coaches and trainers, an exciting conference program and interesting panel discussions make the trade fair Congress women & work a must for ambitious women.

Symposium Sensors

5Th modern automobile of always safe, comfortable, environmentally-friendly and reliable can be Symposium “Sensors in automobiles” on 7-8 April 2014 at the Maritim Hotel in Munich only by more extensive and more accurate measurement results. For this, numerous sensors for position detection, motor control, chassis technology, driver assistance systems, air conditioning, active and passive safety, access technology, and much more are installed in each vehicle. The development of hybrid electric vehicles requires more sensor types (current sensor in the amongst others. In addition to the high technical demands, the sensor systems must meet ever higher demands with regard to costs, miniaturization, quality and reliability. Vehicle technology developing at rapid pace and the sensor technology makes possible many genuine innovations.

Under the direction of Dr.-ing. Thomas Tille by BMW AG in Munich meet specialists and executives from automotive manufacturers, sensor suppliers and research institutes on the 7th and April 8, 2014 in Munich for one to the Information and exchange of views on the latest development trends for vehicles with combustion engine and electric motors. Well-known companies from the automobile industry are represented with contributions. The quality of the entries is as in the previous years at a high level. The meeting takes place every two years. More information of technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-262 (Ms. Susanne Kernebeck), E-Mail for the home: or on the Internet at registration and more information under: W-H010-04-249-4 press contact and more information: Bernd Homberg Haus der Technik Geah 1, 45127 Essen Tel: 0201/1803-249 fax: 0201/1803-269 E-Mail: