Insurance Suburban Property

When strahuesh suburban real estate is very important to understand what benefits will be calculated when the insured event. When calculating the sum insured, the insurance company relies on data like cost of construction Building on the same territory. You can also calculate and premium – must be insured amount is multiplied by the average insurance rate – 0.65%. For example, if your sum insured – 1 million rubles, a premium of 6.5 thousand rubles per year. That is, the more you paid fees – the higher you will be paid by the insured amount.

Insurance rates are generally equal in all regions, but the payments are different. This is due to the fact that the cost of building materials and work in different areas and different cities of Russia. For example, in Moscow the highest insurance premiums. The decision on the amount of payments on the insured event takes an insurance company representative. In Depending on the case, he may do so either remotely, or having left the place where he can conduct an inventory and, in the special tariffs that take into account depreciation and other factors that will calculate the amount of payments.

In the event that estimate the company's representative will seem too low, you have the right to appeal to an independent appraiser. When you choose a program to express insurance agent will not be for you to go and assess the damage to phone (can also request a photo.) The essence of express insurance that you buy (usually one year) policy, with limited than with individual insurance payments. Private insurance considered to be more flexible and provides your personality and wishes. For example, you can insure your cottage for the winter only, if you are afraid to leave it unattended. It is usually assumed that the amendments premiums are always lower insurance premiums. It is not always so easy to understand that the maximum amount of payment you will receive only in the case of total destruction of your property. In other cases, the amount will be proportionate to the damage.

Voluntary Health Insurance

The general view that the most important – is health and everything else is trivial to the moment when a person feels well. State to a certain extent helps its citizens in Medical Care: Mandatory health insurance needed for medical treatment at government facilities, can get almost anyone. However, it can not provide any medical services adequate, nor their quality. As a specific person to make a difference in service in public clinics and hospitals will almost never succeed, the opportunity to choose medical facility coming to the plan. One way – to issue a voluntary health insurance (VHI). LCA is an alternative to OMC and can be a substitute for or supplement to it. Such health insurance offers several features that greatly improve medical care. The main thing – it's an opportunity to choose the facility from the list of those who cooperate with the insurance company.

This list is quite significant and large companies may be two or three hundreds of titles, in addition, the level of health facilities is often above average. Also, the insurance company picks for each client's individual insurance program. There are many different types. In a standard set of LCA included diagnostic and therapeutic techniques doctors performing procedures and diagnostic tests, emergency medical care (provided by medical institution with which the insurance company signed a contract) dental services, in some cases – rest in sanatoriums and dispensaries, provision of personal physician. A separate area of LCA – a program for pregnant women. The quality of health facilities is crucial to expectant mother and child depend on him their health and often lives.

In addition, in this situation it is important service that should be as polite and attentive, that in state hospitals, unfortunately, not always observed. In this area, medical insurance contains a program for the management of pregnancy and childbirth program. There is also a special program for children up to one year, which has a high cost (Due to the large number of the doctor's office, procedures, immunizations, etc.), but provides all the necessary medical treatment for a child at this age. For children in general, you can choose a special insurance program For example, on vacation or on time spent in a children's camp. The program can be complex and may consist of one or two points (for example, if a client is interested in a particular health facility, You can specify which of the insurance companies working with the institution and enter into a contract of insurance. Additionally, you can include in the program only emergency medical care that can be useful for seniors or for patients whose clinical course is accompanied by sudden attacks). In addition, there are individual corporate insurance programs. In this case, health insurance is purchased by the enterprise for its staff, which greatly reduces the cost of it, but also, significantly improves working conditions for employees of the organization. Of course, minus, which is a voluntary health insurance – is its cost (which, incidentally, can vary greatly depending on the program), but the quality and level of care when selecting this type of insurance is better than the choice of health insurance.

Online Trading

Lewis Carroll 'Alice in Wonderland' – you tell me where do I go from here? – It depends on where you want to come, – said the Cat. – Yes, I almost do not care – the beginning of Alice. – Then still, where to go, – said the Cat. – Just to get somewhere else, – explained Alice. – Do not worry, where ever you will enter must, – said the Cat – of course, if you do not ostanovishsya polputi.S on how to start a newbie – or trading for beginners here as a Lewis Carol – if you do not want to come to Zaneta or you do not care, then do not care where to start (forex, stocks, futures or options), it is still, ultimately, it is you will not privedet.Opredelite your goals I would advise to start with determine their own goals. In recent months, Robert Kiyosaki has been very successful. This is already decently you will advance to know whether you should engage in trading in general and how it was kind of online trading is addressed in the next couple of years in their chastnosti.Opredelite It is possible the second phase, which most beginners are also missing. So, you will need to spend a certain amount of time and at least a certain amount of money in order to become a professional and really start to earn treydingom.Vremya – You need to have at least 5 years of daily study and trading as the demo and real accounts. Contact information is here: Ben Silbermann.

This term I take from my personal experience, as well as from experience I know traders. Of course, the period can vary, but it is unlikely he will be less than 4-5 years. The fact is that during this time is not only shaped and not so much the knowledge base and experience of the trader, but also his identity as a person who is able to maintain calm in the most difficult situations and out of the winner. Yes, and this period is decent enough, in order to check whether the person likes this profession and how he betrayed her. Bolshisntvo 'accidental' people dropping out during the first three let.Dengi training and the first real account is large enough figure.

Self-learning never ends and requires constant investment as payment for participation in seminars, more experienced traders, and on completion of the first real trader's account. And be aware that these early accounts will certainly be 'merged'. In general, for 5 years, I think nabezhit from 10 to 15 thousand dollars if you're serious This zanimaetes.Ne my fault – he came If you are not scared that prospect, you're quite adequate people and are aware that in order to succeed in online trading and earn subsequently thousands of dollars a day, without leaving your own home, you will have to work hard. Well, the road by walking. Good luck! School trading Gennady Babak

Director TSELT

Has not been approved and another important document – the minutes of the sick, which contains both a list of medical services and drugs, as well as algorithms for their use. What kind of professional malpractice insurance, you can say? And are we ready for this step? Because such insurance is not required only a law, but also a large number of regulations, to develop our officials who, apparently, not with your hands. And while the medical community remains silent – impoverished, persecuted. Doctors were in the extreme confusion in that horrible day health of our country. Alexander Bronstein, Academician of RAMS, Director TSELT: – Insurance of doctors? Good work! But Russia, this is not ready yet. We do not have such a legal institution that could deal with this problem. And then, it is unclear who will bear financial responsibility for the unintended consequences of treatment.

The idea is that in private hospitals must insure themselves doctors themselves, in the state – doctors must to insure the state. But in today's already difficult financial situation, it is unreal. By the way 10 thousand rubles – that is the average price of medical errors in our country. You can not say about the U.S., where that severance pay claims to doctors, often reaching hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Their payment usually take on insurance companies. The average American doctor spends on insurance premiums to 10% of their annual income, and average medical error by the court "costs" of about 140 thousand dollars. Facts and Figures The largest percentage of claims accounted for: dentists (30%) of obstetrician-gynecologists (14%) dermatocosmetologists and plastic surgeons (9.3%), ophthalmologists (8.5%) orthopedic trauma (4.6%), neurologists (3.7%) This official statistics of medical errors in Russia do not exist.

Land and Real Estate Investments

Worldwide, investments in land and real estate, land, buying and selling of land, generally considered one of the safest and most profitable businesses, and simply multiply the capital. Even in times of crisis, Land remains the most profitable and promising financial investment tool to maintain and increase capital. The implementation of development projects on the ground gives the highest return on invested funds. If you want to sell the land, to be first to objectively assess. On our site you can make an assessment in order to continue to use the results to the sales land. Enter in the form to evaluate the basic parameters of your site: function (eg, agricultural land, land plots for villas and cottages, industrial sites), as well as direction, distance from the center Volgograd and land area.

Evaluation is based on a comparative analysis of existing site proposals for the sale of land in Volgograd and the Volgograd region. So, if you need to buy or sell land, lease land or rent it out, it is necessary to analyze the economic and legal aspects of the issue no less carefully than for any real estate transaction. A transaction of purchase and sale land requires special attention. First of all, it should be very careful examination of the documents to the owner and, of course, right to process the deal. On to what rights belong to the seller of land Land (ownership rights, the right-of inheritable possession for life, unlimited right to use, rent) depends on many details of agreement.

Privatization of land ownership in the provision of Land gardener, gardeners, cottagers and gardening, gardening and dacha non-profit association, such plots of land in the state or municipal property is performed without the auction for a fee or for free. It should be remembered that the lease of land may be terminated by the landlord for the following reasons: the use of the land was not his intended purpose and of belonging to a particular category of land. For example, in the event of unauthorized construction on the lands of forest fund, use of land, leading to significantly reduce the fertility of agricultural lands or significant deterioration of environmental conditions; failure to eliminate the land of the offense committed intentionally, which is expressed in the poisoning, contamination, deterioration or destruction of topsoil due to violation of the rules of fertilizers, plant growth stimulants, pesticides and other hazardous chemicals or biological substances during storage, use and transport that resulted in harm to human health or the environment; failure of land intended for agricultural or residential or other construction, for such purposes for three years unless a longer period is established by the relevant lease. From this period excluded the time required to develop the land, as well as time in during which the land could not be used to destination due to natural disasters or due to other circumstances precluding such use; seizure of land from its owner for public or municipal needs; requisition of land from the owner (ie the temporary withdrawal, such as natural disasters). According to the Land Code of the RF-traded may act only land which passed the state cadastral registration. After passing through the procedure area receives the characteristics that allow to allocate it from other land, and land assigned inventory number. State cadastral registration of land is carried out within a month from the date of filing the application and all required documents, after which the applicant receives the cadastral map (plan) land.