The Brain

How it works: first you see an opponent, that is, your eyes will notice the monitor gaming computer modelku, send information about what they see in the image of the brain, the brain then processes it and sends a signal to the muscles of the hands and fingers so that they quickly moved the mouse to the right place. All this happens in about 0.14-0.24 seconds. And who had come all these operations and he wins a duel firing (the errors associated with firing during strafe or flight are not considered a separate issue). That is, you'll need: 1 – to move the mouse faster than your opponent. AIG addresses the importance of the matter here. 2 – is a movement must be accurately and precisely (without extra wavy movements). 3 – Pressing the button should be used (especially in cases when the enemy suddenly appears near modelka). Total – three parts. Playing a computer game you navigate through a virtual terrain, communicate with their comrades, think and analyze the gameplay … Click Rebecca Wei to learn more.

And you did not notice that at the moment you drive the mouse on the mat. And it all happens just control the game using the mouse and keyboard. Everything. No other action is necessary in order to play. It turns out all that you see all the action – it's just a keyboard + mouse movement on the carpet! And spending hours playing you train the very movement of the mouse on the mat. Just like in 2 minutes time to 'meat' or 5×5 game you shoot the enemy qualitatively (that is, its aim, potreniruete) at best 5 times.


Creator: NI Software. License: freeware (absolutely free). Release date: 2001 – 2008. Compatible OS: Win 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista. The computer game 'Millionaire' is not by chance has become one of the most popular games in Russia! In my opinion, this is the most successful incarnation popularly favorite television shows.

First game appeared in runet 7 years ago and now she has a variety of features not found in similar programs. And while the size distribution together with the sound is less than 2 Mb! Of course, game has gameplay similar to the original – classic 3 tips, 4 possible answers, 3-combustible amounts soundtrack from the TV show. What is it different from other versions of PC-games? First, it is an original design. Menus and toolbars can change the style of 'Office XP' to 'Office 2007', the toolbar is easy to remove if necessary. In addition, the in-game from December 25 to January 14, included Christmas decoration – even when you see the role of Maxim Galkin Santa Claus? But if it did not have to design to your taste, it is very easy to disable – select the menu items 'Game' -> 'Advanced' -> 'New Topic'.

In addition to the above, the toy is easy to amend current issues (over 2000) and add your own questions. Moreover, developers will not mind if you absolutely have to update it matters (for example, make a thematic game about popular TV series), and put his version in his on the site. But do not forget to put a link next to the original version of the game. In addition to issues in the game may be amended by the photo, name and replica host (his reaction to the correct and incorrect answers), photo and name to friends Tips 'Help a friend', as well as the background color of the main window and transparency of all windows games. Very interesting and another function – showing pre-made pictures at the beginning of the game and during the winning amount-combustible or after each correct answer (you can prepare pictures funny commercials and you will be real and funny commercial breaks). And, of course, can not fail to please the interesting and useful cheat codes. This window is opened by pressing '' and ask one of the teams provided by the authors: F (or FIFTY) – provides another opportunity to take a hint '50 / 50 '. K (or KILLER) – who said that we already called killer (a friend)? B (or BRATVA) – chaps, we should meet more often (this is a funny name to help the living room) … G (or GOD) – but do not call for us to God? GM (or GODMODE) – turns on and off God mode (you can use prompts any number of times). C (or CLAIRVOYANT) – turns on and off the property clairvoyant. NY (or NEWYEAR) – turns on and off Christmas theme any day of the year. 1, 2, …, 16 (or PHOTO1, PHOTO2, PHOTO3, …, PHOTO16) – photo shows respectively number 1, 2, 3, …, 16 (when activated by a display of pictures). It is also possible to play for a while (you can choose any time to ensure that choose an answer). The program remembers the participants and won their sum, shows their rating. So it is safe to say that this game is – a decent option for a computer. Original specificity, passion, dynamics and even clearance of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' transferred beautifully. The only thing missing this game – this Maxim Galkin!