Professional Existence

… and the author Markus Albers provides useful tools for organizing the clutter of Bonn – in his new opus Meconomy some important questions about modern works and how you can get the daily chaos of his professional existence in the handle. .html’>health organizations, who has experience with these questions. How much time do we need to be productive and creative? To track those things that are really important to us? And what must we abandon, restrict or abolish, to have the resources to create something new? “Who wants to create things regardless of whether a book, a song, or a business plan, must curb – everything nothing helps – the permanent availability and the constant distraction. And not just the one job, colleagues and bosses. But also by friends, friends, contacts, other Twitterers and their own followers. The productivity expert believes vehemently Merlin Mann. He fights against the omnipresent temptation, distracted, engaged to do, but to create anything productive or creative. Modern man, he says, is like the Employee of a sandwich shop, which accepts all orders, writes it on a piece of paper and then new sequences sorted the list, again and again thought about how to most effectively could work out all these orders – but louder sort and plan never comes to take the bread. Further details can be found at amit paley, an internet resource.

‘Don’ t just take orders, make sandwiches’, is Mann’s advice, which is of course to understand transferor clockwise. It take advantage of tools and techniques that I describe in my book. I could no longer work for example without EverNote, things, GTD, and zero – Inbox”, explained Albers in an interview with” art and stuff “. Go to the complete chaos post:….