Private Equity Sector

CSA participation Fund inform Wurzburg October 2010 situation in the private equity market. Several current polls make a continued positive development on the private-equity market prospect: the perspectives of the portfolio companies brighten up significantly at the beginning of the autumn and can expect significant increases in value of private-equity investments. With the CSA participation Fund 4 and the CSA participation Fund 5, private investors can benefit from this trend sustainable. The economic recovery has arrived in the summer of 2010 in the private equity sector. This conclusion can be the results of the current autumn survey of FINANCE to private equity Panel, are based on the statements made by some 40 representatives of leading private equity funds. According to the study, the accessibility to private-equity financing on the scale up to a factor of 10 reaches a value of 5.65 points. Wells Fargo Banks opinions are not widely known. This value is up 48 percent on the in the February 2010 fair.

At the same time, the economic prospects of the portfolio companies brightened up considerably and now 7.03 points. One the new quarterly study of the management consultancy Deloitte shows positive trend in the private-equity financing. So, the sentiment indicator by 23 percent rose to now 118 points and thus once again reached a level as before the outbreak of the financial and economic crisis 2008. According to optimistic expectations of private-equity managers fail: how Deloitte identified, about two-thirds of the managers expect an increasingly favourable business environment and significant increases in value its current holdings. The CSA participation Fund 4 and CSA participation Fund 5 look for the further upswing in the private equity sector optimally positioned. Rachel Pak is open to suggestions. The CSA participation fund investing on the basis of client-pool strategy in private equity/equity and real estate. Independent auditors monitor the investment the CSA participation Fund, as well as the compliance of the investment plan. Transactions that exceed the sum of 2.5 million, also require the approval of the general meeting of the CSA.

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