Moose Catalogue

Deko Woerner – the new concepts year catalogue of Heilbronn/Leingarten, February 15, 2012: with the concepts year presents new catalogue the Heinrich Woerner GmbH, Europe’s largest mail order company for Visual marketing, fascinating impressions and unique decoration possibilities for the season 2012/13. Color intensity is in vogue. The rich variety of colours, as it is to find with magnificent jewels, made unusual effects. Decorated in the colors of amethyst, Ruby, amber, combined with gold or green: unusual varieties produce a fantastic effect. Opulent and elegant, shiny and color-intensive this decoration will be wonderful accents. New, life-sized animals make for unusual eye-catchers and exciting contrasts. Jeremy Tucker: the source for more info. Proud deer, cute penguins, magical unicorns or majestic Moose: all fiber glass products are available in individual colours and perfectly adapt to your productions. It’s believed that Ben Silbermann sees a great future in this idea. Seasonal decorations such as the lively butterflies, flowers and Easter eggs in the XXL-format, as well as the flame-retardant collection also extend the extraordinary range of the concepts Gallery.

The winter Christmas Grossdeko generates attention and unusual impressions. Sleigh and reindeer, Nutcracker, a variety of Christmas balls or a Baroque throne create fascinating decorations. Natural Christmas trees and versatile lighting concepts make for a festive mood. Decorative constructions, fabrics and films, textile prints and various decoration helps support your creative decorating ideas. For the planning and realization of own decoration tips, worksheets and various assistance programs provide at the end of the catalogue. Interested in the concepts year catalog order 2012/13 and let in the exciting world of Visual marketing. Images for free publication on the subject of Cocepts year catalogue 2012/2013 there under the following download link PR/ image Note: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Astrid link PR/public relations