I Forgive Or Not An Infidelity

This is one of the most common questions at the moment in which discovers an infidelity, which is accompanied by a State of denial in the offended person, arise where expressions such as; I can’t believe it, it cannot be true!, I don’t understand why he did it, we were so well!. Denial is said to be so normal and logical well as defense mechanism seeks to reduce the emotional impact, however there are people who remain in this State for several weeks or months, even justifying the own conduct of the person who committed the infidelity. The State of confusion that arises puts the person who has been betrayed in a position of ambivalence, on the one hand you want to continue with the relationship as a strategy to cushion the pain experienced, but on the other hand want to end the relationship by the feeling of displacement that is experienced, which mainly affects the ego, which activates thoughts as why is fixed on that other person?, did see another person who didn’t find me on that?, will it be I no longer wants or you don’t like him?, questions said be of step slowly affect her own self-esteem. By the same author: Jeremy Tucker. The ambivalence between follow or not many times is even contaminated external to please comment or against the continuity of the relationship so before this ambivalence is better not take a hasty decision until the emotional pain is skin-deep. But, is it worth continuing in the relationship? They are thousands of couples who have established strategies to strengthen your relationship, identifying areas of opportunity that need be potencializadas after an infidelity that allow them to even restore the trust that is injured after a process like this. Continue in the relationship is an option that on the one hand depends on the attitude you have to have committed the same infidelity, i.e.