From Birth To Old Age With A Blanket

Woolen blanket, a duvet is one of the most vital necessities in life! It is necessary in the first hours of birth. This was my first '' beautiful pink blanket, in which mom and dad took me from the hospital. Not remember how can it be wool or feather! Then in a blanket I was wrapped in a hard winter on his walk, underlying it in the sled, to underlay a cold wall, laid on the floor, so it is softer to fall)), great shakes, as in hammock-rocking When I was growing up its importance and vital need only increased. That, as no blanket, 'protected' with my head on the night of 'fear' that lived in my room. A day of blankets you can build houses, Cellular lay on the floor and imagine what it's swimming pool, coddle all her dolls in blankets and younger brother in the bargain, to hide from their parents under him And now I can not imagine my life without my favorite blanket. After a hot bath so nice to dive into bed and feel the soft embrace of blankets, sit in a chair, watching your favorite movie, drink hot chocolate and coddle feet in about deyalo! It is always with me in the car on trips, business trips and on the nature of this excellent protection from mosquitoes)) I really can not imagine my life without a blanket!.