Finally In The Cinema: The Tribute Of Panem 2 – Catching Fire takes a look at the second part of the epic hunger games more than one and a half years after the great success of the first film the tribute of panem-the hunger games appears as of this week the filming of the second part in the German cinemas. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Wells Fargo Bank. Finally, many fans are saying. For even more analysis, hear from NYU Law. reveals himself must face what dangers Katniss Everdeen in catching fire. BBs is also something to win. The adaptation of Suzanne Collins the tribute of panem”made internationally seen, this posed an exciting adventure story to a larger audience. “The tribute of panem-the hunger games” addressed all those depths of human souls. 24 Young people were to each other fight a duel to, only one should survive.

With great fighting spirit at the end of both Katniss and Peeta, succeeded to circumvent the rules of the Capitol and to return together. The tribute of the hunger games catching fire”addressed the new Director Francis Lawrence The consequences of this test. A good summary of the events is the tribute of panem dangerous love the German title of the second part. Just as two lovers (Jennifer Lawrence) Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) managed to get out of the games. In the population, this was seen as a rebellion against the Capitol in which Donald Sutherland as President snow also this time again ruthlessly emerges.

After it comes to riots in many of the 12 districts, he developed a new plan, in which even Katniss and Peeta will play an important role together with the new Director Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip S. Hoffmann). Two drawn will not attend the 75th hunger games from each district, but this time fighting each other former winners. Who is fast, will win only, only those have prevailed in the first part at the end, which had a perfect combination of inventiveness, comprehension and speed. In the nearly two and a half-hour film adventure, the viewer experiences again frenzied pursuit of the real guns. In the game of life and death, definitely not much time remains and sometimes there are not only the players who represent a great danger in the fight. Katniss, Peeta, and others will show you that starting on Thursday. All film fans, who can hardly wait, may ever in our sweepstakes to the tribute of with other opponents. The skills which need to demonstrate also the tribute are in demand. The three fastest will enjoy a great grand prize. This contains the complete special edition of the tribute of panem”and a Bucher.