Website and you can move in different ways. Can be implemented search engine optimization, you can pay for advertising on other sites, etc. It is obvious that it will be a tactic to promote your site. I hope that you catch the idea. Something that reminds of nested dolls. That doll, which placed others – is a strategy, but those dolls that inside it – a tactic, but they can also be a strategy in relation to investing in them sending you. In light of the above considered appropriate to introduce the notion of basic strategy – a strategy based on which line up all the other strategy for some activities. Returning to the above considered example, the organization of business training services, it should be noted that the basic strategy is the idea to engage in such activities.

And in many respects, this idea will determine the success or failure of business. Assume that the effectiveness of this idea at the moment for some pre-selected city is, for example, 30%, ie if everything else you do absolutely correctly, you get 30 customers out of 100, to which you refer to your proposal. It seems to be a good idea? However, the bad, ideally, on the condition that everything else you've done correctly. Properly chosen people to whom should contact with his proposal, the right scope of your coaching services (sales, management, time management, etc.), properly designed training program, sold it correctly, properly conducted training. This assumes that all other strategies that are subordinate to the basic strategy is 100% effective.