Early Age Child

Immediately after the eruption of your child's teeth are exposed to aggressive environmental impacts. Accumulate germs on the teeth, forming a film of plaque. In plaque produce acids actively. Under their influence enamel milk easily broken teeth, and formed carious polost.Vyrabotka acid is particularly active in the presence of sugar. Therefore, the cause of dental caries in the first years of life often becomes an early transition to artificial feeding, especially if the child for a long time sucking the sweet juice, infant formula or a bottle. After the first teeth (6-10 months), we can begin to brush your teeth with special brush-fingertips. This brush worn on the finger, made of hypoallergenic rubber and has a soft silicone bristles. Such a brush can not only remove plaque from the teeth, but also massaging the gums.

During this period, it is better not to use toothpaste, because baby can swallow it. Brush moistened with boiled water and clean their teeth cautious movements, that would not damage the delicate enamel baby and not to injure your gums. Front teeth cleaned vertical movements of gums, lateral teeth cleaned in a circular motion. Encourage your child to brush your teeth gently and gradually. Let the child know that brushing your teeth – it does not hurt and are not afraid. Try to make brushing teeth in the game. You can clean the teeth favorite toy. Select the brush as age child is very well developed skills in adult role models. It is from this period, it is expedient to teach a child to brush your teeth yourself, because at a later age, it is will make a much more complicated.