Credit Card

The cloning of credit or debit cards is equivalent to the emission or copy of a new plastic with the same powers of the original, but without the authorization of the legitimate cardholder. Following these recommendations so that you do not become part of the index of disappointed people:-uses the card in properly established commercial premises. Learn more on the subject from Everest Capital. -Keep eye contact with your card to avoid that the person making the transaccipon the cone or copy using a skimming (special device that stores your data.) – used only in equipment of the point of sale (POS) and automated teller machines (ATMs). -Avoid giving your (home, NIP, among other data numbers) card information to unauthorized entities or people. -Check account statements to verify the correct use of the card. -Destroy documentation which data (numbers, name, address) appear on the card.

-Pre-hire services alert or alerts that provide information (credit bureau credit societies. Circle credit) so that you send, via cell phone or email address, any modification or use of the information contained in your special report of credit. -Avoid answering requests or requests for information (numbers) you receive through emails.