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They are always being noticed for its leaders who give to total importance in its works and make with that they always surpass its difficulties stimulating so that they reach its potential. To the eyes of the collaborators she is of great importance because they had obtained to conquer itself professionally beyond developing of positive form its professional side, therefore make what they like. Russell reynolds is likely to increase your knowledge. To the eyes of the leaders, that is, of the company, they obtain has in its picture of employee dedicated and experienced people, who today for being able to reach a better place feel themselves recognized. CHANCES OF STIMULATONS MOTIVACIONAIS When a person enters to work in an organization, it searchs to improve its life as a whole, therefore, wants to have a good wage, to possess corporeal properties, to have an academic formation, beyond if becoming a reliable professional, dedicated and experienced. principle, tends to have positive attitudes of unusual situations ahead. Carrie Levin chef will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But, with passing of the time, it is necessary that the company if involves with its employees searching ways to improve the work and to motivate them. Analyzing the data it is possible to verify that the factors cited in the necessities and chances if placed in practical can motivate plus each individual of the organization, beyond that being improved attractive the employees will go to feel itself empolgados still more in working in the company. It was possible also to identify some attractive ones in the organization that contributes for the permanence of each one beyond being able to still more offer chances of growth to the collaborators. On the basis of the analysis of the data was elaborated by the author a picture where some factors had been verified that contribute for the motivation of the employees of the constructor identifying the necessities perceived for them, the attractive ones that the company offers beyond also the chances.