Black Book Of Scientology

Now in Second Edition the black book appeared in Scientology recently”the Hamburg politician Ursula Caberta. Founded in 1992 the workgroup Scientology”of the Hamburg Interior Authority and forwards it since then. In her book, she presents the methods of this organization and strongly warns with Scientology in any way whatsoever to get involved. Known Yes the so-called personality tests have become”the organization that offered information stands in pedestrian zones. Also, the Organization promotes recently once more with alleged drug awareness.

In Berlin, poster of the Organization are currently distributed in the seemingly against drug abuse will be warned and shows ways to get away from drugs. “Only at the bottom in small font is to identify who is behind the poster: Church of Scientology”. Who then closer asks, should be handled like than with drugs, learns that these courses should be attended by Scientology. Anyway, this is the main objective of the Organization: to courses and books sell in order to achieve more and more economic profit, according to the guideline of the Scientology Founder Hubbard, who openly admitted: make money. Make more money. “Make other people produce so as to make more money.” (L.

Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office policy letter, 9 March 1972). An Operating Thetan in Scientology it aims”to be. Until then, it was able to make his life in freedom, anyway you want it. When a person dies, so the ideology of the Organization, the thetan leave the body to again at some point to embody via reincarnation. To achieve this level, it is of course necessary to attend the expensive courses of the Organization and to buy their books. Who wants to get off, is regarded as an enemy of the Organization and is on the hit list. The Administrative Court of Cologne in 2004 to found (20 K 1882/03): so it is telling that their opponents denigrate and defame and implicitly deny human dignity to them so for anti-constitutional associations. This is also Here the case. “” “So non-Scientologists be disturbed”throughout as Aberrierte”, i.e. departed from rational thought or reason, mentally (see Hubbard, term collection for Diane tics and Scientology, 1985), viewed, are the opponents of Scientology as suppressive persons” referred to and vilified as criminals, criminals, Communists, child molesters, etc., people are abused at the lowest level and them denies any value (psychotic”, ugliness” “, horrific disease, parasites,” completely worthless “). “” “” Expression of the inhuman world image of Scientology is finally that suppressive persons “oppressors”, so opponents of Scientology, to be removed through coercion or should be ruined as far as possible and as fair game “referred to that, deprived of his property, injured, sued, tricked, lied to or destroyed will must.” In Berlin, where recently the German Headquarters was opened by Scientology, the protest of against the methods of the organization that also not shy to get kids into their ideological power increasingly stirs. The Conference of Interior Ministers has noted in 2007 that the goals of the organization with the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany are compatible and will sought a ban on the organization. , A decision on this issue will be taken in 2008. Eckart Haase