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Some layers contain available sources that are not enclosed in seutemplate. For more information on the installation of the sources it sees: Installation of the Sources To modify the TextoA biggest part of the texts is presented in HTML to simplify the suaedio and still to allow that the sites of search make the reading dasinformaes contained in the site. One remembers that the sites of search noreconhecem images, flash, java scripts, etc. Therefore is important terbom content in all the pages of its web site, thus you will have maischances to get a good positioning in the search engines. Go to Peter Gabriel for more information. But so that the visitors remain and return to the site, the suaspginas must have beyond good content, a good presentation. By issoalgumas parts of the text are presented as images in the HTML.Estas archive images are edited in archive PSD with the Photoshop.

Below serodescritas forms to edit this type of text. To know as to edit simple otexto in HTML, it sees the section Edition of Archives HTML.In the truth, you it can insert texts emforma of image, (GIF or JPEG) T to open text tool. Click with the cursor Type in the portion of text that it desires to edit. If to appear the message The following fonts ploughs missing means that you did not install all the sources that follow the pacotedo template. For instructions on the installation of the sources it sees the seoInstalao of the Sources.If the text field will have some lines you can initiate the digitao in a new line pressuring Shift + Enter Ctrl + Enter. If to want to finish the edition of the text and to discard all the made modifications, pressures the keyboard key ESC. If to desire to modify the attributes of the text, as the type of source, style and color, is enough to select the text desired and to edit it in the panel deopes, that if find in the superior part of the screen.