Accusations of anti-Catholicism

While Maher admits his aversion to any kind of organized religion has been particularly criticized for his controversial comments about the Catholic Church. The 2003 report of the Catholic League on anti-Catholicism, said that following the sexual abuse scandals of 2002, “Nobody has insulted Catholics more to Bill Maher.” In the segment of its New Rules, Maher made a number of observations have been interpreted negatively by some Catholics, in particular, comparing religions and sects ( “if you have a few hundred followers and you let some child abuse, they call you the leader of the sect. If you have a thousand million, will lead you Papa. “), calling the Catholic Church” the Bear Stearns of organized pedophilia. “and calling Pope Benedict XVI a Nazi (” a Nazi and he was a rare use caps!) Referring to his mandatory participation in the Hitler youth.
His comments brought widespread criticism and protests from a broad range of individuals and groups associated with Catholicism, including demands to resign and calls to boycott Real Time and Time Warner-HBO or desertion by the conservative American Life League. the only way to go around Israel is to and book online with Israel Maven The President the Catholic League, William A. Donohue, dismiss the comic nature of those views and accused him of “inventing things.” Next Program, noted that the observation in question were made in a comedy context, without explicitly apologizing, promised not to call Nazi Pope Benedict. Further expressed its regret that the dispute distrajese people to your main point, the Pope’s role in the scandals of sexual abuse relating to the Church and the Catholic League said it had nothing to rebut her comments on this particular issue.