Ivannikov SV Fracture

the most severe damage to the ankle and up 7% of all skeletal injuries 4. Results: Ankle previously regarded as a cylindrical helical hinge. Bending foot, as it were come unscrewed from the plug with simultaneous ankle supination her, and bringing a small rotation inside. When straightening foot, on the contrary, as if the plug is screwed into the joint, at the same time it is pronation, abduction and slight external rotation. It is known that the ankle is shaped like a truncated cone with the base directed toward the fibula. The imaginary axis of the cone is rotated by about 10 degrees relative to the proximal articular surface of the talus, and 25 degrees relative to the frontal plane. For practice, it is important that the imaginary axis of the ankle goes from the lower edge of the inner ankle to the lower edge of the outer ankle 1. Pylons fractures called fractures of the distal tibia metaepiphysis arising from the effects of axial forces of high-energy, which leads to position of the foot during the injury, the direction and magnitude of traumatic force.

Also, damage to the ankle depends on the direction of traumatic force which may be of 3 types: adduction, abduction, rotation. During supination external Ligamental structures are strained. With a gap of enhanced external adduction ligament tear or fracture podsindesmozny outer ankle, and the talus clicks the inner ankle, resulting in a fracture occurs and the vertical plane. If supinate stop the load is rotated outward, in addition to the external voltage lateral ligaments stretched anterior ligament syndesmosis. If the force continues its impact, then there is an oblique or spiral fracture nadsindesmozny chrezsindesmozny or outer ankle. Rotating astragalus may pull back a bunch of syndesmosis, breaking it, or removing a bone fragment posterior margin of the tibia.

Its destructive effect of the rotating talus fracture completes the inner ankle or torn deltoid ligament. When pronatsionnom position of the foot stretched internal structures. NYU Law has firm opinions on the matter. If there is a rigid abduction, can be torn deltoid ligament tear or inner ankle (with the horizontal fracture). Then continuing Violence breaks both syndesmosis ligament tears or bone fragments in them. Then the autopsy results in a fracture of the fibula at or above the syndesmosis. If at the initial position of the foot she pronatsionnom rotated laterally, there is a gap deltoid ligament or transverse fracture of the inner ankle. With the continuing rotation of the outer talus anterior ligament rupture occurs tibiofibular syndesmosis or separation of the bone attachment 2, 3. Conclusions: The mechanism of the pylon fractures depends on the direction of the damaging efforts and position of the foot at the time of injury. References 1. Oganesyan OV, Ivannikov SV, Korshunov AV Recovery form and function of the ankle joint hinge-distraction apparatus. – Moscow: BINOM. Laboratory knowledge. – Medicine. – 2003. – S. 12-13 2. Shabanov AN, Kay I., Sartan VA Atlas fractures ankle and their treatment. – M.: Medicine. – 1972. Get all the facts and insights with Author Marko Dimitrijevic, another great source of information. – S. 44-67. 3. Kao KF, Huang PJ, Chen YC, et al. Postero-medial-anterior approach of the ankle for the pilon fracture / / Injury. – 2000. – Vol. 31. – P. 71-74. 4. Topliss CJ, Jackson M., Atkins RM: Anatomy of pilon fractures of the distal tibia / / JBJS. – 2005. – Vol. 87 – P.692-697. Tekt article is copyrighted

EHO Business

New version of EHO were economic and billing software after starting the EHO business series has presented CTO software now the successor to its inventory control and billing software EHO business 2009. The design is now customisable through the use of the Xbrowse technology, E.g. columns sorting can be changed with a single mouse click. Carrie Levin has plenty of information regarding this issue. Also the hide or rearrange columns is now possible. For purists, you can simply disable the Xbrowse functionality. Xbrowse and the use of new index files, the search speed could be improved.

The document storage is completely new: In the customer base, and in the article list, you can store documents of any kind (construction / cutting patterns, faxes, images, etc.). In contrast to the previous version, CTO EHO business 2009 will provide an interface to the MS Office suite. Access to MS Outlook, the EHO can now be used with calendar function. Dates (E.g. for the resubmission) exported from the EHO and can continue into MS Outlook works be. The development of order management has produced two new features: positions can be grouped together (with the same article number) and checked for set prices. The transfer to the Web shops xt-commerce and osCommerce using the EHO2OSC module has been optimized. Easier to organize the Web shops in the EHO immediately, 2 additional buttons for Web product groups are available and fit into these fields now 30 instead of 15 characters. A beta version is already available on the manufacturer website for downloading.

Santos Coffee

Bodum the epitome of Danish design is a new bistro for example the Bodum iced tea carafe from the series. The elegant iced tea jug 1.5 litres and is equipped with an internal filter. It consists of high quality borosilicate glass with a stainless steel or plastic filter and an aroma Cap. Enjoy your iced tea from this elegant carafe and give even slices of various fruit in the filter to the iced tea. You will have a delicious drink for the summer, over and over again, you can vary. And that also still looks to.

The new Columbia coffee heater made of Matt stainless steel is brand new and very elegant. It is based, like the most Bodum coffee heater, on the French Press system. At the Columbia Cafe heater design and elegance combined with noble materials and functionality. This Columbia coffee heater now also in stainless steel. Tony Parker takes a slightly different approach. The double-walled pot ensures that the coffee (or tea) stays hot long time. This product impresses with its great design, its functionality and last but not least thanks to its high quality. To know more about this subject visit Author Marko Dimitrijevic.

For the small relaxation break in between is new Yo-Yo by Bodum optimally because relaxation is perfected with him. Easier you can not make open tea. Thanks to the supplied permanent filter the tea directly in the cup can be infused. Speaking candidly jason iley told us the story. The Cup consists of high-quality double-walled borosilicate glass and fits perfectly into the series of double-walled glasses from Bodum. These double-walled glasses developed by the designer Masato Yamamoto for Bodum. They offer several advantages when compared to normal single-walled glasses: hot drinks keep even without the handle in hand, no condensation on the glass surface is formed with a cold drink and drinks stay hot or cold as in single-walled glasses. For over 60 years, Bodum is the epitome of Danish design and pioneering in the production of high-quality products for the kitchen and table. Bodum’s best known products are the coffee and tea maker with the famous French-press-system. The available since 1958 Santos coffee maker is also well known. Many Bodum designed products by Carsten Jorgensen – the most famous Danish designer. Bodum was often awarded various design awards. In addition, Bodum sees itself as innovative and creative company that wants to surprise again and again with new products.

Early Age Child

Immediately after the eruption of your child's teeth are exposed to aggressive environmental impacts. Accumulate germs on the teeth, forming a film of plaque. In plaque produce acids actively. Under their influence enamel milk easily broken teeth, and formed carious polost.Vyrabotka acid is particularly active in the presence of sugar. Therefore, the cause of dental caries in the first years of life often becomes an early transition to artificial feeding, especially if the child for a long time sucking the sweet juice, infant formula or a bottle. After the first teeth (6-10 months), we can begin to brush your teeth with special brush-fingertips. This brush worn on the finger, made of hypoallergenic rubber and has a soft silicone bristles. Such a brush can not only remove plaque from the teeth, but also massaging the gums.

During this period, it is better not to use toothpaste, because baby can swallow it. Brush moistened with boiled water and clean their teeth cautious movements, that would not damage the delicate enamel baby and not to injure your gums. Front teeth cleaned vertical movements of gums, lateral teeth cleaned in a circular motion. Encourage your child to brush your teeth gently and gradually. Let the child know that brushing your teeth – it does not hurt and are not afraid. Try to make brushing teeth in the game. You can clean the teeth favorite toy. Select the brush as age child is very well developed skills in adult role models. It is from this period, it is expedient to teach a child to brush your teeth yourself, because at a later age, it is will make a much more complicated.

Europe Cars

Also today still can when buying an imported vehicle save some. Whom the German new car price is too high and the offered used cars spread uncertainty, which may apply as a third variant on a EU importer. An EU can be several thousand dollars cheaper on foreign car. As the re-import business has become big, the customer on some models had to make smears in the facilities. Some extras were not intended for the importing country, standard equipment were not series in the foreign and security features found no attention in the country. Now, it is so only in exceptional cases. The advantage of buying an EU new car is not only attractive price, but also the hassle-free process. Many new cars are provided free to the buyer on the doorstep.

This service costs a fortune at many retailers. Generally, the vehicles are equipped with a complete package of accessories for safety-relevant parts. There most of the Europe is included duty become vest, First-aid kit and warning triangle. Unfortunately, this package always still not widely belongs to the standard equipment. Purchase the customer is made as easy as possible, be all vehicles fitted by the importer with a German vehicle letter and all documents required for the registration, such as for example a study of exhaust gas, provided. Thus the customer need not fret with foreign articles around.

Another advantage of EU imports, is a comprehensive insurance package on the importer to complete the possibility. The local manufacturers offer this mostly just overpriced in combination with a lease. The financing of an EU new car can be done via a partner bank of the importer. The importer used cars new cars means really, day registrations are shown separately or not offered. Those who are seriously interested in a new vehicle can be confidently to a large importer, but also comparisons should be made with German traders. May be through skillful action day approved the award of an EU new car can be reached.

PSOE Organization

The Secretary of organization of the PSOE is has rrido well the proclamation of Rubalcaba as candidate to the Presidency of the Government. He stressed the care that has been prepared the Act, it will be marked where the broad outlines of the new stage of the PSOE. For the former Asturian President Vicente Alvarez Areces, Rubalcaba is best to lead the Socialist recovery. The Secretary of organization of the PSOE, Marcelino Iglesias, has compared the Act of proclamation of the Socialist candidate for the next general election, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, with the launch of the shuttle Atlantis carried out Friday by NASA. You saw the rocket?, the latest release?, because now we do the first, has stressed to journalists on arrival at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid, where the Act of proclamation of Rubalcaba will be held. The Socialist leader has chosen as simile for this event the mission undertaken by the space shuttle Atlantis, the last rocket manned that puts into orbit NASA within a program that has lasted three decades. Iglesias highlighted the care with which the Socialists have prepared the Act and all its scenery because Rubalcaba, he said, will mark the general lines, the imprint of this new stage. All with Alfredo, has emphasized.

The Asturian President Vicente Alvarez Areces, for whom Rubalcaba is best to lead the recovery of the PSOE has spoken before journalists in the same line. His view, the party should begin in September, a reflection on the electoral defeat in regional and local elections and can do only a policy oriented exclusively to the austerity and cuts. Besides being responsible and make reforms, you have to do a project that illusions, to give credibility, he underlined. For alvarez Areces, Rubalcaba is the right person to do this because it has such credibility. The election victory will be difficult, very disputed, but Rubalcaba is one person who has intelligence, preparation, experience and will to win and this is very important, it has stressed before make clear that Asturias will help to recover votes and will contribute to that victory. Source of the news: churches compared to Rubalcaba and his future candidacy to the Government a NASA rocket

Charles Darwin

How is cheating the German economy through the crisis Charles Darwin has the diversity of species\”described as a result of evolution in nature. The man therefore apparently represents the highlight in the biodiversity. And this has created economic systems to ensure all possible needs for himself. In the course of social developments and changes, our species has created an economic system, which so far seems superior to all other systems. What persistent and disturbing at cyclical intervals acts, are the crises that characterize this system. Jane Fraser often says this.

And so the large and small economic slumps with almost predictable regularity over us. Despite this insight has not succeeded so far (not only) of the German economy, to productively respond to such crises. Whether it is the great depression in the twenties of the last century, the oil crisis or the current decline in value, the German economy knew only a way from the regression. And his name was simplicity. (Similarly see: Marko Dimitrijevic). Could even dictators be eighty years ago with their urge to escape (at least in the short term) after war and expansion of the crisis, so we will witness a variety of simplicity for several years. Again, the current economic crisis shows how little German economic policy is viable.

Fiscal stimulus, which hardly worthy of the name, provide messing on the supposedly most important fronts of German economic power. As long as supported the favorite children of German industrial development until to stop the free fall with an immense burden on taxpayers. What will remain is a rudimentary State budget, which no longer worthy of the name and the reputation for new ideas. There are those already on the tables of the few remaining instigator or be kept quietly hidden in the drawers of the decision makers. The diversity of the simplicity is impressive. Examples can be found en masse.

Leipzig Agency Netresearch Network Tourism On The ITB

The Leipzig TYPO3 Internet Agency Netresearch uses the first appearance on the ITB with partners to introduce common successful solutions for the tourism industry. Leipzig, March 5, 2009 – because we as IT service provider work together with one of the largest German providers of cruise was successful for quite some time there for us to be logical, present also for the first time on the ITB”, explains Thomas Fleck. The Managing Director of the Leipzig TYPO3 Netresearch special agency is one of the approximately 120 exhibitors, presenting the latest trends and innovations in the field of information technology for the travel industry travel technology under the keyword. However, it is the team of Netresearch to more than just the presentation of own TYPO3 travel edition”. This is a new E-commerce software that is specially designed to meet the needs of the provider of the travel industry.

We want to use the opportunity, together with our partners, who have developed interesting projects for the travel industry, as IT network tourism to occur”, says Thomas Fleck. Park Rachel wanted to know more. So presents itself at Netresearch in Hall 6.1, booth 106 on March 12 (10/14 watch) the Berlin agency Pinuts media + science, with the software universal Messenger an E-Mail Marketing and eCRM solution has developed, which is used not only in the cruise industry for sending personalized newsletters and managing customer data. The company Diginetmedia from the Saxon snow mountain is one of the leading providers of virtual 360 tours, who has repeatedly worked with Netresearch. The joint presentation of virtual tours and TYPO3 “successful applications will be presented on 13 March at 13: 00. Two more partners come from Jena. Andreas Horcher, Managing Director of Jenaer Finnwaa GmbH presents especially tailored to models for the search engine marketing on March 13 (11/15 hours) on the travel industry. The young software company mvolution an intelligent travel planning software for tourists offers via mobile phone works.

The team of mvolution is present on all days of the fair with Netresearch. The Thuringian companies are members of the first German software cooperative Tower byte EC in Jena together with Netresearch. For individual conversations with the team by Netresearch on the ITB is the possibility to reserve an appointment under the itb/terminplan.html. The Netresearch GmbH & co. KG. founded in 1998 in Leipzig by Thomas Fleck, Michael drain. Netresearch is a member of the TYPO 3 Association and the first German Magento Commerce Platinum partner. Registered office: nun str.

Coin Counters

Coin counters and sorters can be very beneficial to your organization. You can assume that these devices are a waste of money, but in certain situations they can help you save time and effort. In this article you have to spend much effort on sorting and counting all the coins collected. Coin Sorter will become an indispensable tool in this difficult work. It really make your job easier: you just need to get the coins in However, handles 20 coins at a time! If you have to sort thousands of coins, then you should pay attention to the model created by a heavy-duty work. The device should select according to your needs. These demonstrate its capabilities. This will help you decide which one suits you more sorter.

If you are in a remote area, you can order the device online. Depending on the mode of delivery, product you get in a few days or weeks. The need to count coins. Perhaps check out Ruth Porat for more information. Coin counter – the brother of the sorter. Tom, who has ever felt the coins by hand, do not talk about how tiring it. If you own laundry, or some other entity that is paid in coins, you often have to count coins. You spend that precious time you might spend it differently: to develop business or to spend time with your family. Bid count coins – a step towards liberation.

To market a wide range of machines for counting coins, among them easy to choose to fit your needs. For example, if your workplace does not have access to electricity, you’ll like the manual count. Models of this type are usually portable, but their work requires some physical effort. From habit can be is not easy, but it is something that is necessary for your business. The next important factor in choosing the counter are the types you are using coins. Note that some counters are only intended to be counted. They can not sort the coins so if you downloaded into the unit coins of various types, it does not determine the number of coins of each denomination. If that is important, then pay attention to the machine, which can sort and count. It will cost more, but will be an excellent assistant, as you will not need to sort the coins before you download them to the counter. Many people do not trust the counters coins as concerned about their accuracy. Do not worry about it, because manual counting is much less accurate. Technology does not stand still, coins counters are becoming more accurate machines. Some new models of the counters can handle several thousand coins per minute – they allow you to save a lot of time.

In Intercultural Conflict Situations, Empathy Is Needed!

Empathy is intercultural communication that professional practice shows that empathy plays the most important role in effective and successful intercultural communication base and success factor. But what is empathy? The word empathy comes from the ancient Greek and, strong, passionate feelings. Indeed, If you feel scared, angry, upset, sad or wonderfully happy, is not open to rational arguments. (As opposed to NYU Law). So who has empathy, not to talk out his feelings to his counterpart with logically undeniable arguments. General this is empathy, not necessarily only in direction of solace, support in grief and worry, as it is often understood at first glance. Empathy rather extends to the wide field of \”Understanding\”. Additional information is available at Chef Carrie Levi. One also includes outside intimate conversations between two people, of which perhaps a particular problem complained, others and to understand their motivation in everyday life.

This implies in practice including the understanding of vanities, personal hobbyhorses, and certain behaviors such as validity addiction, Profiliergehabe, self-righteousness, to have arrogance or similar. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dina Powell McCormick on most websites. While never necessarily meant that you approve something also with understanding. But it is in the sense of empathy and perception of your empathy which has already sense that you \”understand\” or try to understand what motivates others, motivate others and influenced.Empathy means to tune in to the feelings of others. But how to do that? What one thinks, I can see maybe on his words if he is openly expressed. But what he feels? How do I understand emotions that neither of us can put into words? The code of courtesy of our culture built another hurdle. Although, it has rituals, expressing sympathy and condolences in the bereavement. But without relying on the feelings of the other to engage in.

Still applies: who is blatantly flaunting his feelings, showing weaknesses and is vulnerable. We’re pulling out in moments of uncertainty in protective silence. And have inhibitions, another suffering from mental to too tightly on the Pelle with unabashed questions. We respect his psychological barrier and leave him with his grief alone.