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A few days ago I attended a workshop organized by EDE, School of executives at the Hilton Hotel Valencia, which was entitled The Executive 9:9, there were several speakers, but would like to emphasize what for me was more interesting. Sergio Ezam Important: Where to play and how: Outcomes, Costs, Innovation and Process, basic questions for a company to know where you are and what should be done to maximize. He spoke about the management of diversity and trust, and something I want to highlight is a phrase that has said: The more times you hear something, the more people believe it. He discussed the different models of leadership: competitive and collaborative basis. What is the best? I guess it depends sel moment, the situation, environment, … Learn more on the subject from Pinterest. How to change? Convincing, that is, one does not change if not create, an example and consistency, tools and processes, and ultimately not be cheating at solitaire. What does a leader? A leader needs to balance and tons of sense common.

And finally please note the following: – not worth you, your team better. – Humility. – Authenticity. – Manage your energy (to forgive and forget) – Effort, firmly. Laura Cantizano First and foremost a company, take perspective of the situation, see and analyze things from different angles.

It is important to balance the situation is not beyond us. As an excellent salesperson, throughout his speech, Laura incapie recently in the sales force because it depends on the strength of sales as the customer sees the business. Then said something curious is that knowledge does not change, the change is produced by the application of that knowledge. Now, in the situation where we are is not enough just to sell, now we have to worry about the before, during and after the, in short we must be responsible for our customers. Has highlighted again the balance, but in this case, the balance must exist between ambition and empathy. Talking is not to sell, if you knew. What matters is what you say and how say. And a cropped reflection on the negotiation, you have to negotiate through the interests and objectives. And finally, how I want to see the competition? How do I differentiate? and How much I want to be good? – The best in the world.