Working definitions

DB: DB is a term used to refer to, data base DLL: Basic component of Windows operating systems to contain the drivers and functions that let you interact with hardware or software resources of the machine is installed. FOLDER: Space computer’s hard disk for storing files of any type (text, executables, etc.).. INI: Ini may refer to: . ini: file extension to denote configuration files used by applications, operating systems FON: entrepreneurship is a Martin Varsavsky emerged in 2005 with the aim of creating a community WiFi. OCX: The term refers to OCX preprogrammed instructions can be inserted in any application that is being developed. TMP: Temporary file. During implementation, many applications create temporary files on the hard disk may occupy several hundreds of KB. REG: vast area consisting of a deflation pavement. SYS: System or systemic. PSW: (> . )> <(0.O <) HLP: Extension of the help files (HELP). Img EXE: It is the extension that corresponds to a type of executable file under MSDOS, OS / 2 and / or Windows. PPT: Sample selection method, in which the units are chosen with unequal probability of selection, and the probability proportional to each unit. PPS: Internet advertising system that provides for payment of a fee only when a user purchases a product or service. LNK: Estensione dei file in cui Windows memorizza i collegamenti delle applicazioni.<- Italiano xP MP3: Format of files containing digital quality sound, and that has been compressed, ie it occupies less space than it should take MIDI: File extension used mainly for monophonic and polyphonic ringtones WAV: The extension that corresponds to a sound file (standard on Windows): WAVE. WMA: The default audio codec Windows Media Player. There are versions with lost, lost and without DRM. CD: Compact Disc. Compact Disc. Optical disc 12 cm in diameter for binary storage. CHK: File chained DOS Chkdsk SHS: Student Health Services YAHOO MESSENGER YMG Messenger Class YPS Messenger Class MEDIA PLAYER ASX Playlist audio or video WMP Player Archive WMS file mask Playlist WMX audio or video WMZ masks Package WPL Playlist Playlist WVX audio or video WORD DOT Microsoft Word Template DOTHTML Microsoft Word HTML Template Backup WBK Microsoft Word EXCEL File CSV Comma Separated Values DIF Data Interchange Format Dqy ODBC Query File XLA Supplement XLB Sheetcalculation XLC Chart XLD Sheet Dialog XLK Backup file Supplement XLL XLL XLM Macro Spreadsheet XLS HTML Document XLSHTML XLT Template HTML Template XLTHTML MSN MESSENGER PTT Contacts list INTERNET ASP Active Server Pages Document CSS cascading style sheet HTA HTML Application HTM HTML Document HTML HTML Document HTT Hypertext Template JS JScript Script File JSE JScript Encoded Script File JSP JSP File MHT MHTML Document HTML MHTML Document PHP Personal Home Page File SHTM SHTM