Which Prepaid Discount Is The Best?

The various packages at a glance this week there is a new provider on the prepaid discount store market. There is talk of o.tel.o, a range of Vodafone. Thus, the last of the four major operators has launched its own discount brand. The others are: Congstar, behind which the Telekom simyo by E-Plus and Fonic at o2. But what are the benefits of the individual brands. To compare now.

First of all notice that it is identical to the price when all four providers. If you are not convinced, visit Hyundai. For nine cents per minute phone call you within Germany and can query his may box free of charge. An SMS also nine cents, also here the offers do not differ. While the price at all is the same, the provider of the mobile data usage differ. Congstar, simyo and Fonic set here to a volume-based billing, while o.tel.o customers pay a minute price of 9 cents for mobile Internet access. Congstar offers only the UMTS speed of up to 384 kBit / s connection, the other three suppliers have also use the HSPA in the Program. The network of E-plus here but not particularly well built, which affect on the prepaid brand simyo.

End of 2009 announced E-Plus however, continue to build out this network in the future. It is a big difference at the party, when looking at the cost of a call abroad. At congstar, such a conversation always costs 1.99 per minute. The other vendors are much cheaper here. Fonic calculated 9 cents per minute – the same price as in the German networks in the fixed networks of European and North American countries. A minute price of 29 cents is charged for calls to the mobile networks of the two continents. You pay also nine cents per minute to landline foreign o.tel.o. But only in 32 selected countries. To sum up, all discount stores have interesting offers that you have to ask but always according to your needs as a customer and should then select. More information and a detailed comparison of the Prepaid providers can be found on Michael trade