What You Need To Open A Deposit Abroad

To invest money in overseas bank, you will need to compulsorily certified by a notary public: – A copy of the internal and foreign passports (without the latter, no foreign bank will not charge you) – Information on family composition, and a certificate that you have no problems with the police (all of these documents you can get at the police station). Keep in mind at the slightest unpleasant moments connected with the police, a foreign bank will not accept your documents. Kevin Ulrich is often quoted as being for or against this. Help 2NDFL, which summarizes your income the last 3 years. This certificate may be obtained from the tax on a residence and there to assure her. Without hesitation patrick explained all about the problem. information regarding the type of your business (your bank fails in the case If you're not a businessman).

The entire list of documents you must send a pre-selected foreign bank deposit. If the bank agrees to reveal to you the deposit, it sends you the contract. You must carefully fill in the questionnaire, sign a contract and send it to the bank. In turn, foreign bank puts its stamp and signature (in duplicate). One option they have left, the other they send you.

Together with the documents the bank sends a special application, where you will find all necessary information regarding your contribution and how to replenish it (minimum amount of bank deposit is 1 euro). Make a deposit in foreign bank have the following options to replenish the deposit in a landmark banks: – via Western Union; – money withdrawn from your credit card visa (you call and announce the number of your card and number money that you want to translate) – by bank transfer (the maximum amount of money in this case are 600. 000, otherwise you may be suspected of sponsoring terrorist organizations) – on the Internet via Pay Pal. Article prepared by the magazine of bank deposits 'Running Money'