14 Sep 15

A village may have rocks, truncheons, pistols or guns; Even so, if you don’t have books disarmed completely. Is very unfortunate, shameful, sad reality facing the Venezuelan stage in all its States to the reprehensible fact observe as students of the different public universities are facing your demand, with protests that leave a lot to say, by what this involves, and above all, by the reaction of a Government that does not provide the necessary attentionIt seems no matter the situation and everything that it can be derived. College students seems to have exhausted all peaceful avenues in order to request a number of legitimate demands, ensuring you make their way through University in pro get academic training of height, excellence and respect all their rights, divididamente established in the national Constitution and the Education Act. The current situation, where college students are using protests is shameful on the basis of strikes that leave a lot to say and that of not be paid due attention, threaten their health, physical and mental life and the same stability of peace in the country. There are several major public universities hunger strikes, where there are students who already carry a month outside the headquarters of the PNDU in Caracas, you know, as pointed out by equilibrioinformativo.com, that a score of young people met this Tuesday 27 days on hunger strike outside the headquarters of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)from where they demand from the Government to adjust the budget, which does not change from 2006, to the needs of each University. According to students, to ensure that the University budget only reaches for the payment of salaries and is insufficient for research, a total of 50 young people from the main houses of study of Venezuela have joined the strike in different regions of the country. This protest began shortly after another group of students ended a front hunger strike the headquarters of the OAS in Caracas, asking that a mission of the Agency revised the situation of several political prisoners, but that ended when the Government pledged to review their sentences add us europapress.com, which has grown to 24 students, Villca Fernandez, student of the Universidad de Los Andes, has been the first to radicalize their protest to sew part of his mouth with two stitches. .

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