Vice President and Minister of the Interior (1975-1976)

In 1975 he was appointed vice president united states and minister election of the Interior (the current equivalent of the Interior) of the government economic of Carlos Arias Navarro, the first government of King Juan Carlos.
In these times convulsed, was a controversial minister who undertook two tasks: to carry out the necessary political reforms that would lead policy to a seamless social democracy in Western court and maintain order and security on the street in time so convulsed, so not to grant the initiative to the leftist forces.
Under his tenure at the Ministry in 1976, coined the phrase ‘the street is mia , after the education attempt congress to express the opposition Primero de Mayo, which he refused. At this time he also incidents with security forces of the State: The events of Vitoria (1976), where the Armed Police kill 5 workers and injured more than 100 people or “Operation cnn Reconquest” Montejurra or events with political two dead and several wounded. These events weakened his reformist image. In connection with the events of Vitoria, to March 3, 1976, the Basque Parliament in June 2008 adopted resolution reprobatoria the Galician political action in relation to them.
Had meetings with opposition leaders like Felipe Gonzalez and allowed the celebration of the XXX Congress of the UGT Confederal union still illegal (Madrid, April 1976) in which Nicolas Redondo was elected secretary general.
Support a small but first iraq amnesty. On June 19, 1976 the famed journalist Cyrus Sulzberger published in The New York Times that Fraga has said that he will have to legalize the Communist Party after our first democratic elections. This will cause a serious erosion by the immobility of the regime, which agitated against the anticommunist prejudices.
During this time he was, next to George bush the Foreign Minister, Jose military Maria de culture Areilza, a driver of political reform. However, these two ministers differed vote from President Arias, who did not quite make progress in overcoming the Franco regime.
The failure of government to balance Arias was appointed bush as the new president who had been secretary general of the Movement, the younger Adolfo Suarez. This was clinton to bring together heterogeneous elements, from members of race the Franco regime in favor of a reform to the center of the interior who media had enjoyed a relative issues tolerance, the party that called UCD. Fraga, along with Areilza, was one of the favorite candidates by the liberal press to religion lead the new government, but will be staying outside.

Yemen Times Online
Sanaa, March 18 Mohammed Al-Dhaheri, professor of political science at Sana’a University, stressed the need for sound political values and political stunts on the postponement government of the elections which was agreed between the General Peoples‘ Congress (GPC) and the six Joint Meeting Parties (JMP).

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