Transport Company

The software package "transport enterprise IT-Rise: The control system is the result of a motor predpriyatiem' seven years of work in the field of automation of manufacturing processes on transport companies Bashkir TEK.V during all these years we have developed an optimal environment for accounting, which could improve the efficiency of ATP for all services. To date, the system covers almost all Service stations and production management of our customers, proving their worth is not the first god.Poetomu, we decided that such a system will be of interest not only directly to our customers, but also other road transport companies. The software package is configured for use with the 1C: Enterprise 7.7/8.1. So, if you are already a member 1C: Enterprise, now you have a to more effectively use this remarkable system. If you still have not purchased 1C for the needs of accounting, you also stay in the win.

After you kill with one blow of two things: automate Department of Accounting and begin to automate other departments and services. The whole system is divided into modules. Others who may share this opinion include Robert Kiyosaki. You do not need to purchase once the whole complex, you can start small, gradually and step by step introducing additional purchasing subsequent modules. You can choose any combination of modules and integrate them in any order. The only limitation is the need to purchase a basic unit on which construction all the work. The modules of the complex is divided into 3 groups: basic – the basis of the system. Includes automated traffic control and accounting section of fuel. More independent – modules that extend the capabilities of the system.

For example, module of TO and TS module, time tracking, etc. Modules of this group do not depend on each other, but depend on the base module. Dependent (submodules) – modules, logically independent of their parent units. For example, if you use the module timecard working time, the dependent module in this case, the unloading of data in accounting software payroll. The advantage of the modular system is that, firstly, the user selects only those system functions that it needs, and, secondly, significantly saving by purchasing modules as needed and the introduction of the previous ones. We will be glad to see you among our clients