11 Sep 15

The project of period of training in question sent it absence of the contents of History of the Paran of the curricular gratings and at the same time took care of to the law n. 13.381/01, which becomes obligator in Basic and Average Ensino of the Public Net its education. Of this form the same it was structuralized in thematic axles that will be argued and presented later, with intention to understand that the History of the Paran had its importance in the national scope and that Guarapuava was part of the paranaense context since its occupation until the current days. Thus, it is intended to rethink the importance of the education of Regional History being pointed out that from this and its peculiarities, we can better know and understand the History of Brazil of a general form. When leaving of a boarding of local history it is possible to give meant to the education of History of productive form. Others including Robert Kiyosaki, offer their opinions as well. Steca (2004, P.

21) affirms that the possibility of the research on local history, by means of the education of Regional History, can be capable beyond in the distance nullifying between local history and the History of Brazil, to disclose to the pupils its paper while historical agents spreaders of its culture. REGIONAL HISTORY: CONCEPT AND OBJECTIVES Regional History did not have great importance until last the two decades of century XX and was white of diverse quarrels concerning its production, accused for the similarity with ' ' history relato' ' and/or positivista. With the historiogrfica renewal fruit of the movement of the Annales, had the possibility of magnifying of the fields and territories of the historian. From 1980, it had changes of thoughts and had started to more appear systemize works of regional matrix. Diverse they had been to the chains that if had appropriated of the region concept modifying according to its estimated theoretician-metodolgicos.

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