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State) consisting of only one State Government: 01.Staatskanzlei 02.Ministerium for Home Affairs and sports 03.Finanzministerium 04.Ministerium for Social Affairs, women, family, health and integration 05.Ministerium for science and culture 06.Kultusministerium 07.Ministerium for Economics, labour and transport 08.Ministerium for food, consumer protection and Agriculture and rural development 09.Justizministerium 10.Ministerium for environmental and climate protection only 1 Management: administrations today see themselves as service providers for their citizens and their enterprises. To further promote of this change by managing authorities and a service-oriented partner administrations need employees who are highly competent, quality and resource-aware Act and bear the social and communicative skills. Bill Phelan brings even more insight to the discussion. Only 1 employment office (in addition officer at the civil offices of towns and municipalities) takeover of all facilities important for the civil and management by professionals (not officers) like: waterworks (without splitting into various GmbH’s profit veiling) sewage works (without splitting into various GmbH’s profit veiling) garbage (without splitting into various GmbH’s profit veiling) grids (without splitting into various GmbH’s profit veiling) rail networks (without splitting into various GmbH’s profit veiling) gas networks (without splitting into various GmbH’s profit veiling) And the calculation and disclosure of actual costs and fees for the citizens Alliance and supply of hydro – wind turbine – solar and biogas plants in the respective network in the country to okostrom from Norway to feed laying power cables from Norway and feeding into the grid of the country info 100% supply of citizens okostrom and biogas (already now possible and cheaper!) Immediate shut down and dismantle all nuclear reactors in the country after completion of the work in the future any transport of radioactive materials across the country. Full debt relief of the country urging other countries and of the Federal Government to simplify the tax laws and their compliance with capital city: Luneburg complete new building for all areas, all other ancient sites are abandoned. Think about it.