The Productions

All these and many other improvements had been and are being made and remade in relation to the images and history of the black personage in infanto-youthful literature, so that if it can construct or reconstruct the image of the black personage since its infancy until the adult and aged life of the black and, thus, terms pride of this another part of our history that was brought and given to read of form so kept out of society, prejudiced, minimized. everything this, this disrespect that if it perceives, will only go to findar when the children will have more access the literary books or not on Africa, its histories, culture when the professors will have formation enough to argue on the subject, to present books who not only bring the black personage in histories, but its histories and memories She is necessary that literary and not-literary texts on the culture afro not to still break taboos of beauty of identitria acceptance, color, creed, place in a society extremely fracionada and racist. He is as in Oliveira speaks to them (2008, P. 02): … Hyundai has much experience in this field. Is not enough, therefore, the mere inclusion in the publishing market and the pertaining to school space of literary productions that present black protagonists (), or that they delineate the religiosidades of matrices Africans, the culture afro-Brazilian, the African continent and thematic similar. Ahead of the propagation of the inferiorizao of the black ethnic-racial segment in the didactic materials and literature, more still one becomes necessary, in the present time, to redouble the attention in relation to the productions in this approach, therefore, in virtue of law 10,639/03, the trend is that it has investment in the publishing market, culminating with publications new editions nor always elaborated with the had aesthetic and thematic quality. We know that the cultural tradition of inferiorizao and subjugation of the Africans and its descendants is a pack weighed on the shoulders of that they are its representatives, however, exactly with all the imperfections, the gaps, the misfortunes, is validates all quarrel concerning the construction, that exactly delayed, of a history of the African, of the afro-Brazilian, so that, of today in ahead, they obtain to be proud and if to see as one afro and not as brown, chocolate, but if assumes in its color, in its physical culture, its traces, its beauty, its histories. .