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Then, the reaffirmation of what exists with or the realization of operations of Defense outside or within its territory, as already seen in Afghanistan. In short, a late recognition of the reality of today’s world where the trend is towards the Constitution of a supranational police force, not without maintaining the reservations with Turkey, an old European Vice which fails to understand that this is the key point of the world in training. The German insistence on the nuclear deterrence unnecessary located in Paris her more fierce opponent, because Paris does not want to give up its own arsenal and less into the thesis that the purpose of the allies is a world without this kind of weapons. A contradiction when it admits that military power is no longer the key point of the conformation of a Royal power. In fact, Europe does not increase its defence spending, tends rather to freeze them, despite its arms industry which is output to the formerly called countries of the third world and towards its own members, being immoral in the case of Greece and Turkey. Perhaps check out Ben Silbermann for more information. We find the report from the conservative Council of Relations European foreign (ECRF) October 2010 where proposed that Europe will no longer be unipolar and that security will go through an EU-Russia-Turkey triangle. In summary, arises a marginalisation from Europe by reducing its role only company which we believe recent American military operations such as Afghanistan due to the scope of the Russian/American understanding and late European recognition of the existence of a very different world. Others speak of a ParisBerlin – Moscow axis, in which I do not think you have no interest the Russians, fully integrated to the international community and an ever deeper understanding with the United States. It could be argued that a nuclear war there as a possibility as there among the great dying powers.

Vision Products

Many companies say they have as a central axis to the client. In reality, the majority of them are companies oriented to product or processes. Although common sense clearly indicates that without customers not there is company, we are dedicated to develop our businesses centralized in products. The most successful companies are not which have the best products, which have the best customers. If we want to belong to the Group of successful companies, as a result of being customer centric, first thing we must do is understand that we must make to embark on this journey.

Learn how to develop a customer culture in your organization and how to obtain the benefits of this strategy. Which of the following three approaches best describes the way how your company works? Product culture. Highly efficient development and innovation in new products or services. Investment in research and development to offer the market increasingly better and more innovative products or services. Organizational structure and management of the company focused on products and services. Your best commercial strategy is the management of prices and promotions.

Really, constant innovations in the product/service is what customers want and demand? Excellence in product culture processes. ISO 9000, 14000, 18000, 22000, OHSAS and other rigorous methodologies and certifications, more than all associated with quality management. High orientation processes and rules. Efficiency and effectiveness in the way how the organization operates. Very formal and in some respects, somewhat bureaucratic, but rules are met and procedures are followed. Exercises of strategic planning and Vision, mission and beliefs very well developed, unfortunately in the majority of opportunities this doesn’t interest the customer. What the Manual says what should be done. Seeks efficiency through standards and procedures, generating many times lack of flexibility and empowerment by employees for the entire of decisions. Process excellence culture customer. The customer is the epicenter and raison d ‘ etre of the company.