Dress Code

To make it clear what is at stake, decipher the term 'dress code'. "Dress" means "clothing", "code" – "encrypted and hidden information." Dress Code – Dress code etoprinyataya (clothing, accessories, hairstyle, makeup), and way to communicate (own voice, facial expressions, gestures), in a certain situation or a particular social group. There are some basic tips that will help design a business-like style. So, let's talk about dress code hair! Hair – it's not just something that grew on his head. This is a professional haircut and styling quality, for both women and men. In addition, sophisticated hairstyle is an opportunity to improve own attractiveness. So how can this be achieved? Let us together We will understand: 1.

Trim the head – this is evidence that within it all right. In contrast, the same curl "small devil," says the confusion of thoughts and the absence of logic. Remember: in a business environment in mind there should be no hint of chaos. Avoid overly lush and high pilings. Stop the choice for fashion classics, it is universal for any business image! Tip: give preference to smoothly coiffed hair. Short hair should be renewed once a month. The main requirement – hair must be fixed, but not overloaded with paint. 2.

The choice depends on your hair type person structure of the hair. You may want to visit Ben Silbermann to increase your knowledge. It should give a head shape, creating a soft, natural, attractive background for the facial features. Consider the pros and cons, evaluate what you have eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones, jawline and neck length. A leading source for info: Bobby Kotick. The perfect hairstyle to be created according to your individual traits. Many women to face reaching almost to his shoulders hair partially covering her ears. Hair should not fall on the eye, should not obscure them. For maintain contact "in the eye" to keep the distance between the hair and eyes, about 6-7 millimeters – this is taking into account the shadows thrown by lighting. Hair should be gently round cheeks and chin. Big shock unmanageable hair does look out of control, separates it from your lichnosti.Chto concerns of business etiquette, it requires compliance with a daily fresh styling and healthier hair color. Tip: If hair is dyed, unacceptable presence regrown roots more than 1 cm Avoid bright creative hairstyles, aiming for a more natural and calm shades, or other person will get annoyed and distracted. 3. Another important aspect – the length of hair. Happy owner's show the world their dominant desire – to please and attract the attention of the stronger sex. But time suggests very different priorities! Tip: in the office or Gather at the business meeting long hair into a low tail, conch shell or a bunch – and you already meet these priorities. Bisnes etiquette does not allow the face was covered hair, it will inform you about the secrecy and trust. The ends of the cast up on long hair 1 time in 2 months. 4. And most importantly – do not skimp on the quality of your hair! This is one of the most important business cards business person. Finding one attractive style, stick with it – at least for a few years. There is no need to change her hair before every public appearance. Surround yourself with professionals and trust them, because as the saying goes – "King paints a suite!"

Hoover Companies Vitek Filters

In the 100-odd years, the vacuum cleaner come a long way – from the "Billy Fyrchaschego" petrol-fueled and frightening the wild noise of passers-by, as well as horses, up to an elegant, light and quiet Assistant economy. Several dozen well-known manufacturers of home appliances annually update the range of vacuum cleaners, perfecting his technique. One of the undisputed leaders in this regard is the holding Vitek. Using integrated approach to marketing, employees of the firm Vitek tend to attract more customers by releasing new models, stimulating demand for products and increasing sales. Models of vacuum cleaners Vitek – VT 1804, VT 1802, VT 1801 – mainly intended for dry type cleaning, and use quite different capacity, as well as suction. Used the power of these models starts from the 1400W, and suction power – 300 aerovatt, which is ideal for daily cleaning.

Dust bag full indicator light, with a cloth bag with a volume of two liters, will show you the extent to which the filled container. Multi-stage filtration system ensures clean air intake cleaner, dust and odors. Having multiple filters ensures the best cleaning. Model VT 1813, VT 1814, VT 1819 have higher capacity, have more specific filters, HEPA and fine filters than previous models, and also used for dry cleaning. Telescopic suction tube, as well as the ability to connect the turbo brush vacuums Vitek this range is useful in use, fast and accurately clean up dust virtually any surface. All kinds of vacuum cleaners nozzle Vitek VT 1821, VT1831, VT 1825, and others will help get rid of dust, soft and cabinet furniture, dust collector systems cyclone and filter system with 6 family or filters provide an opportunity for a few minutes to bring the room in order, so the function of the ionization to cleanse the air of minute particles of dust and ions fill. All the equipment vitek wholesale in Moscow has branded 3 year guarantee is simple and easy to use, and quality characteristics, combined with unique styling and all the techniques Vitek, designed to address global standards, which indicates the high quality of products. Home Technology companies Vitek, stamps, which went down in the rating of "50 leading Russian brands," the famous magazine Forbes – is reliability and guaranteed quality at an affordable price. Without hesitation Jeremy Tucker explained all about the problem. Buying appliances Vitek – you get the technique to life.

Signs Security, Fire Safety

Work Publications decree: Occupational safety standards system. Photoluminescent evacuation system. Requirements and methods of monitoring equipment safety signs. The main characteristic signs fotolyuministsentnyh Security designed to ensure the safe exit of people from emergency zones, is the duration of persistence and clarity otobrozhaemoy information. Wells Fargo Bank has much to offer in this field. Due to the consistent and uniform to demonstrate how the general principles of organization of such systems, people everywhere will be easier to learn and follow the instructions on the safe direction of evacuation.

Standardized safety signs to help rescuers, including firefighters, in evacuation of the premises at extremely crowded conditions. Applying a constant evacuation systems and safety signs priuchat people and contribute more efficiently to leave the building in case of extremely. On Gost R 12.2.143-2002 law, all educational institutions, shopping centers, industrial buildings, office centers etc should be fitted with safety signs fotolyuministsentnymi, evacuation plans and fire safety signs. One of the most important is a fire safety at school and fire safety in the kindergarten for your child in case of extremely quickly and quietly leave the building. No less important is the fire security and other areas.

Therefore, the state Fs issuing this law obliges entrepreneurs, chiefs, senior officials of the State, to use all necessary means to obespetseniya human security room. Manufacturer Light in the Darkness on the market 14y.o.! (One of the first in this area) offers you the safety signs on all the available types: GOST R 12.2.143-2002 and NPB 160-97 To ensure fire safety in schools, kindergartens, shopping centers etc. Fotolyuministsentnye (glow in the dark) fire safety signs, emergency signs, evacuation plans. Fotolyuministsentnye safety signs are much cheaper electronic light plate! Manufacture and sale of safety signs (wholesale and retail)


By working with a company you can count on certain benefits. First, buy from us – so to ensure their point of sale quality merchandise that is confirmed relevant certificates. Second, we deliver directly without the involvement of intermediaries and speculators, therefore, we can establish quite affordable and reasonable prices for the commodity. Third, our work – it's not just handbags wholesale Moscow: – we deliver goods to anywhere in Russia and CIS countries. Fourth, complementing its product range, we will conduct an analysis of consumer demand, which results in a one hundred percent "Hit" the target: the actual buying is really a product that is guaranteed not to deposit on the shelves of your store. Besides all the above items, the company has another important advantage: sale handbags gross – it's our job for over 10 years, during which found permanent partners and suppliers. Polish bags on – it's guaranteed quality and style, variety and choice. Wholesale handbags from make your store a stylish and elegant.

Many shop owners who want to buy Bags in Moscow, seeking to use the services of the company: it is convenient and vygodno.Sumki from Polish producers – the beauty and Buy quality bags in Moscow today is not a problem, but serious entrepreneurs choose handbags wholesale in Moscow only on the best and most popular in our country, Polish producers. Among the best known brands – a company David Jones. Models of this brand are different restraint and generosity, these traits are manifested in form and in color. Wholesale handbags David Jones – the classic models, which look modern and relevant due to the different elements, executed in accordance with the latest fashion trends. Among other popular manufacturers – companies LANTADELI, BIEGE, MARINA GALANTI. Each model is represented by the company, impeccable taste is different, original, high quality and excellent appearance. A model of ORMOND, BEIGE, SYSTYLE sure to attract your buyers for its various forms, graceful lines, rich colors.

Company Slogans

But this concept involves several elements: a slogan or an advertising slogan of the company, which may also be reflected on the map, may be present corporate slide, etc. Ideally, the image-building involves a range of activities aimed to work with each potential or existing client, promotion of goods and services from outside information and advertising. The whole complex should be aimed at something, to create a positive stable, recognizable image of the organization, which distinguishes it from other companies. Development of corporate identity should include not only the formation of a layout map, but the whole package of documents relating to its production and service. Issue cards to be correlated with the number of clients, their native activity map should be an essential tool in addressing financial issues users.

So the designer prior to work to create the appearance of the card must provide the necessary data about the features of the client base of the organization. On this basis, the designer must decide that the issuer is a major development in style maps, her conservatism and creativity. This will affect the choice of color range, trademark and a logo. It may happen that none of the original versions will not work, then you should discuss the pros and cons of the proposed designs to the designer it was easier to understand which direction to go. After the approval and issuance of the final map, you need a number of activities, organize the promotion in the market. Therefore, when ordering card design makes sense to ask to prepare additionally a number of iconic image and the subject of advertising cards. It's all part of the development of the company's image. If the card is a unique piece of design is an aesthetic value to the organization, then it can be patented as industrial design, and thus protect it from forgery.

Any attempt to mimic the patented design will be considered copyright infringement. Thus, in order to develop design card to get the desired result, you must consider several factors: a clear view of the image policy of the issuer, to cooperate in this matter with the department of advertising and marketing to take into account previous experience of release card and present policies of rationing in the near future, to use the necessary amount of funds for maintenance and promotion cards. When the appearance of cards designed for final coordination necessary to make an initial sample of the card and its adoption by the leadership of the company. Then approved the original model, which was presented to the designer, is sent to the manufacturer. The manufacturer makes test finished version of the map, more precisely, a simulation of their appearance, which cards will be 'a plastic' – front and back sides with a sheet of assertion. These samples are sent to the issuer and after final approval by the head of the samples, a manufacturer of cards starts to their production.

Moving Refrigerator

First of all, we should remember that the refrigerators in any case can not be transported in a horizontal position, since it can lead to breakage of tubes violation fixing the compressor to the frame, as well as the leakage of oil from compressor in the supercharger and its subsequent clogging. This may result in expensive repairs, which can cloud moving to a new location. If transport in an upright refrigerator position for several reasons is not possible, it can be transported in an inclined position, but keep in mind that the angle at the same time should not exceed 40 . Before transporting the fridge to carefully packaged, pre-removing from it the additional items (shelves, drawers, etc.). The choice of package depends on the type of appliance, vehicle, and the distances used for one shipment.

There are a wide variety of packaging materials including cardboard, polystyrene, polyethylene and air-bubble film. Under the fridge preferably put a cardboard or cloth to avoid damage to painted surfaces. To protect the fridge from possible biases in transport, it is necessary to limit stops and gaskets. You should also make sure that the refrigerator door is securely locked and will not open in transit. For this cooler can be mounted with soft straps. The consequences of improper transportation usually transport conditions specified in the accompanying cooler documentation.

However, despite the fact that most producers need to transport coolers in a vertical position, this requirement is often ignored by the buyers. As noted above, the violation established rules for transporting the fridge can bring to its failure. Additional load on the compressor, resulting in the process of transporting a refrigerator in a horizontal position, leading to its displacement or breakage. When there are offset cracks through which evaporates frion, or substitute natural gas. Transporting a refrigerator in a horizontal position only a short distance, observing precautions. Remember that in this position and shaking shocks can cause much more damage, than the vertical. Refrigerator or can be put on the back or on the side in such a way that door could not open spontaneously. Do not put on the fridge door, because in this situation increases the likelihood of injury. Make sure that the leads from the compressor tube pointing upward. In this case, if the oil spilled into the circuit, when you turn the refrigerator, it gets back to the compressor. Even if the transport was successful, the refrigerator is not recommended immediately incorporate into the network. Before that, he must stand for 3-4 hours upright to compressor oil spilled glass back to the compressor.

Enable Air

Sometimes to them add more and productivity when working in recycle mode, which is even smaller. REMOVE FILTER OR? Often you can read that kind of model can work in two modes: air vent in the regime recycling. In the first case, drawing sucks air out of the kitchen and throws it into the ventilation. In the second – the air is sucked stretch passes through filters, cleansed and released back into the kitchen. For the second option but to pre-filter (fat) requires more additional filters (usually charcoal), cleaning the air of small particles of soot, smoke, grease and neutralizes odors. Performance in this mode, exhaust significantly lower. Hood, working in recycle mode, only needed where there is no way to ensure flow of air out. MANAGEMENT Management hood, is usually performed several buttons: Enable different regimes of power and lighting control hob.

More "smart" devices automatically included as soon as the cooking surface is activated. It is very convenient, because all smells are trapped immediately to the same extract only works in a time when it is really necessary. Is convenient and automatic drawing off some time after the end of the cooking process (Of cooking surface), which allows you to completely remove remaining odors. In an even more clever models automatically adjusts the power of work. Often, instead of push-button control panel operates the touch. There are models that are managed from the console. There are hoods, whose work can be programmed to put on ahead. Quite familiar to users was indication of operating modes.

It's much more convenient, when we see which mode works hood. Indicators can serve as a glowing light bulb, and illuminated the contours of figures indicating the level of speed, and even beep when switching resonant mode. ADDITIONAL OPTIONS Any drawing can illuminate the cooking surface. In this position lamps differ quite strongly. The most common version – in the back of the drawing, the wall – is the least convenient, because in this case, the shadow of the hand will fall to the cooking surface. The new models also provided an opportunity to increase or decrease the intensity of light output, focus, lighting above the work surface or lighting throughout the kitchen. In many contemporary models of light turns on automatically when you turn on the device. Some models have a shelf or rails. It is very convenient, because the kitchen is not always enough space, especially for small items.


Two or three drops of funds deposited on a damp sponge, allow to completely clear the panel from dirt. After this panel should be wiped dry and processed (preferably) a special tool "to protect the ceramic surface." Applying this funds will allow the next time easier cleaning procedure, as creates a protective film which protects the plate in contact with spilled liquids, or her food. And what basis in any of the hob work surface, beneath which are hidden heating elements. In the enamel and metal surfaces of the heating element is laid flat inside the lower cylinder (cast iron "pancakes"). Depending on the power distinguish between "ordinary" and rapid burners. Last faster warm up and have a greater maximum power. On the stove is their property marked with red circle in the middle of the burner.

Under the glass-ceramic surface significantly more options for different heating elements. They may not only have different designs and sizes, but use different physical principles for heating. Most often in glass ceramic surfaces are installed burners HiLight. Its structure is as follows: strip heating element laid on the asbestos base. Burner HiLight, mounted on a glass-surface heat faster than cast iron "pancakes". According to the company AEG to 2 liters of water heated from 18 to 980 C in a steel pot with a diameter of 18 cm of the bottom you will need (if using burners HiLight) 10 min.

51 and 12 min. 43 (using a cast-iron pancake). Halogen plates have a design similar burners HiLight, but in addition they established a powerful halogen bulb. When you turn on the lamp immediately lights up a bright red light, highlighting the large amount of heat. In Unlike previous types of burners, halogen gaining full power almost immediately after startup. As the heating burners when the operation mode goes out the main heater, halogen lamp off. As the magazine "Buy", with the most modern burners are induction, which is installed an induction unit, through which heat is generated directly at the bottom of the dish. Heating plates at This is not happening. Working surface of the plate, passing electromagnetic waves, not heat. The surface of the plates, which is under ware, heated exclusively by the hot bottom of the dish. Direct heat can save time and energy, and shed a warm (not hot) liquid burner not burnt. The only condition of use of such plates is the presence of magnetizable bottom dishes. Induction plates are installed, usually in more expensive models of cooking surfaces. However, regardless of the type of heater, all electric hobs combines the fact that direct contact heating element with the dishes on the ceramic surface does not occur. Outside the heating elements themselves are not visible. In the ceramic glass marked only zones that heat up when you turn of a heating element.

Buying Water Meters

Purchase electricity meters and water meters or in the modern world there is no trouble. On almost any construction market supply is such that I can not remember! But it is leaning on it – to buy electricity meters and water meters to "virtually any" local construction market, at random, guided by all the well-known expression, "but what's the difference" – and promptly predosterigayut professionals. The difference, according metrology, there is! In order not to then worry about buying, check that you have purchased equipment must be made to the State. register of measuring instruments, and thereby admitted to the territory of Russia. Information about this necessarily inscribed in the operational documentation of purchased product.

If for example water meters are not listed in the State Register, so they are not legitimate in the Russian Federation with all the ensuing consequences. Install them, of course, You can, but the supplier of the resource will not be brought into line with the testimony of the metering device / electric meters or water meters choosing, ask a question does not apply, what is their Calibration interval? After all of this metrological characteristics depends how long you will have to face such a problem as their verification, in other words, checking for suitability for further prof. used as equipment natural resource accounting. There are other features. Technique, working materials, which are responsible for the reliability and durability of these devices. Properly orient the store without the necessary study and / or analysis of information about what is it that some electricity meters are different from other counterparts, is unlikely. The most sensible solution to determine in advance all preferences, conduct the necessary analysis of the list of preferred you devices on the most significant parameters. Do not be confused by the complexity of marketing research. Today, it is possible.