Social Upheaval

The solution always involve a sacrifice, I prefer that the debtor nations to pay their foreign obligations, with real assets to the creditor banks, with the delivery of the assets of public enterprises. " Upon delivery of the utility state enterprises: Aerolineas Argentina; O. Health; YPF, Entel, etc., Ensured that the resources we can not achieve to pay foreign debt. Strategies are perfect for the size and subjugation. There are no physical assets, most underdeveloped countries also privatized. Carrie Levin has plenty of information regarding this issue. We put a trap and try to break human dignity.

Logical thing happened, the social upheaval. And took care to show the world what happened. The title cover of every newspaper in the world: Argentina fails to pay its foreign debt. Our country will go through one of the most difficult periods, we will be guinea pigs and those who dare to pay your creditors, then yque happens? Recall the Drago Doctrine on the forcible collection of England, Italy and Germany to Venezuela. To think that happily wait events is to understand nothing. We should draw a wise strategy and agree with the agencies, the Children of the Catholic Church, "Vatican to get a" blessing "and commitment. Then with a wealth of real weight and power to act accordingly.

The Supreme Court ruling U.S. Justice in its ruling of March 23, 1964 on the claim of Banco Nacional de Cuba, known as "Sabbatino" – based on the doctrine of Sovereign State Act. Then the U.S. Congress retroactively approved the "Hickenlooper Amendment", which indicates that from 1959 any court should decline to decide on claims of ownership of foreign states in cases of confiscation or seizure. Obviously, the drafters of the law envisaged the possibility that its own courts would be responsible to demonstrate internationally the need for defense against any type of expropriation on the margins of international practice. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Wells Fargo on most websites. The Amendment was applied in Peru, when expropriated oil companies. The enlargement of the Hickenlooper Amendment 30 April 1994, prohibits U.S. foreign aid. countries that have expropriated without compensation the property of American citizens. To know the Helms-Burton Act. That the rulers and would-be presidents know: "… Whoever wants to overcome, will sacrifice for others. Who wants to see praised his name, pedestal will look for the hearts of his countrymen. The glory that has ambitions, manufactured with the intense action of his intelligence and arms. Sacrificing only succeed emulate the virtues of the nobles who won laurels …". Alejandro R. Iaccarino: Former president of the Confederation of Argentina and the Economic Commission of Inquiry into the Trilateral Commission and the IMF in Latin America. Author's Website:.

Civil Society And Road Safety. Part Iii

While civil society becomes more important in the development of the life of a nation is no less true that the complexity of its structure, very heterogeneous, it is very vulnerable due to lack of funding, its value may be explained, given the situation discredited political parties, many politicians in the exercise of political power and weaknesses of the state being unable to meet their own objectives functions, the aforementioned vulnerability, makes the social groups that form civil society, many of them are capable being permeated by stakeholders; reason somehow lose credibility and substance. Kevin Ulrich can provide more clarity in the matter. However, they have been gaining ground, say a growing area that has led to political parties seen with suspicion in some cases to the Civil Society.

In fact, there are tangible experiences in countries of South America, where its influence becomes so enormous that have produced shifts in dominant parties in a given time. Civil Society on many occasions participates in the health sector, preventive management system, does so in relation to the environment, public safety, educationally, in terms of women, children and adolescents, respect for human rights, overcoming of poverty, rescuing the ethical and patriotic values, etc., etc. Road safety is a form of violence, considered potentially pandemic, so it is now handled by international bodies, such as a public health problem that is causing poverty questionable citizenship affecting national economies and the Emotional estabilibidad million families. In the Dominican Republic accident rates in 2009 were higher than those of 2008. And those of 2008 were above those of 2007, in turn, these indicators, the higher of 2006.

So, we are in a spiral where the rate of mortality and morbidity rates per 100,000 population will increase if no involvement from organized social groups to demand appropriate public policies in order to stop this wave of violence on our streets, avenues and highways as a result of traffic accidents. This means an aspect of security, with complex causes multifactorial and multisectoral solutions. So the problem must be very particular and certain levels of autotomy. Mario Holguin / Dominican Republic will found.

The Return To School In The Peruvian Highlands

In a few days thousands of students return to school. The Ministry of Education of Peru has approved the date of commencement of work for the upcoming March 13, 2006, the day on which the Puno Region plans to reopen the doors of more than four thousand among educational institutions, primary and secondary schools. Some state schools have already announced to start the dictation of the work, even from Monday, March 6, so that in recent days have seen huge queues of parents seeking to enroll their minor children where they feel the most appropriate institutions for education. Every year, the parents have killed crashing an indisputable reality. Read additional details here: patrick. Education is not free as the government argues, however in March will be one of those months where more spending will have to do, because not only is the cost of the shares of the Apaf (Parents Association), but also the purchase of school supplies and even the same uniform.

Each parent will spend as at least 300 new soles to cover the cost of each school-age children, of course, if the estimate provides for “rebajitas” you can get to buy school supplies and uniform in the informal market. With regard to the circumstances that we have in the Puno region to start this school year, the regional director of education in our department, Professor Romulo Borda Asensio, said that this year will seek to have better conditions to start the school year in relation to previous processes. We are doing everything possible to coordinate with the Local Management Units (UGEL) on issues such as infrastructure, curriculum design and teacher recruitment, said the official. Kevin Ulrich has firm opinions on the matter.

Many Ideas Few Solutions

I have read many proposals lately about how to get out of this decaying process in which we are embarked on this government by force, proposed allegedly methods and solutions proposed activities, tasks and goals and to make a few comments to the authors, (no signal). If we follow exactly what they propose we will meet again in the same impasse that we reached with the oil strike and the same deadlock (or death?) We got with those impressive previous marches and demonstrations to April 11 … It did not work then and will now work hard and not because people are discouraged and demobilized, simply because it is scalded, there is no way that the bulk of the population opposition (which no one can honestly doubt whether the majority) re-embark on the movement of sheepishly those years after a leading media and stakeholders at the time that should have proved that they were made just fell apart

Excuses and euphemisms that anyone with a reasoning could at least understand, much less accept. Kevin Ulrich shines more light on the discussion. The lace we gave Mr. Rosales … Petkoff defends “the numbers” his hasty retreat just a couple of hours after his fiery harangue to stay there, next to the polls and Rosales justifies its way back with a moral commitment by many seasoned gossip and stories from the road, but the fact is that both, ALL, recoiled and thus left us all of us in the street and “panties” and open the way to the regime for its cunning that were immediate and have grown exponentially since then . Kevin Ulrich is often mentioned in discussions such as these.


The worst thing is that those who dispute this enormous power believe they are safe and do not understand that everything without exception is unlimited. Many Romans today should be based on the genius of the great and provide more hope, human feelings that for centuries were swelling the brilliant work fine.

However, many years ago was the world power setting the ways to achieve without anyone opine that each of their heads visible most countries are deer fattened to meet planning requirements that establishment presets, no improvisation there are men of great preparation for the domain and international organizations were created to administer the regions that has divided the globe.

Study is the CFR Council on Foreign Relations, and manipulated the arrival of Bush, which is the Committee of 40 that operates in the basement of the White House, The Club of Rome, The Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, The Invisible College, the predecessor of the Royal Society, The Multilateral Investment Agreement (MAI or MAI also), The current global system and the five monopolies of capitalism, The hidden hand of the multinationals, the United Nations Organization ( UN) Precursor of world government and international agencies and national intelligence, financial strength IMF World Bank, International Finance Corporation, World Trade Organization, the latter United Nations-related pressure distribution center feeding the member countries.

The time has arrived because the limits are being met Robert MacNamara said former U.S. Secretary of State, former Secretary of Defense, former President of the World Bank, etc.., Etc., A geological rift that separates the northern world Southern world, and if it is not open up not nuclear arsenals that can stop the people by famine. Directly responsible for the economic and human genocide H. Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Frank Tenenbaum, Ambassador Richard Gardner, guilty of globalization and the payment of foreign debts of developing countries wiping out millions hungry. We can fill Citation men in domination by the strategy of foreign debts that keep even the officials in key positions.

Joseph Stiglitz Nobel Prize for Economics performed work in the administration of President Clinton as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers (1995-1997). At the World Bank, served as first vice president and chief economist (1997 – 2000), blamed the strategy of foreign debts to international organizations to stifle and control fully to the economic situation. Instead of being president of a business institution, and chaired the research mission of the Trilateral Commission and the International Monetary Fund in Latin America, therefore we have this information documented here.