Regional Executive Committee

Mayor of ALCOBENDAS Ignacio Garcia de Vinuesa, born in Madrid on 6 November 1948. Lives in Alcobendas for 24 years, married with four children. Ignacio Garcia de Vinuesa is the Mayor of Alcobendas (Madrid), and President of the Popular Party in this city. Ignacio Garcia de Vinuesa studied law at the Complutense University of Madrid. Since the beginning of his labour activity has developed its vocation as an entrepreneur promoting the creation of several SMEs.

In addition, it should be noted that Ignacio Garcia de Vinuesa: began his relationship with politics joining UCD and participating in the Organization of the campaign of the first democratic elections. Since then, and until 1999, he worked in various areas of the people’s Party and is currently member of the Regional Executive Committee and Secretary for political action. He chairs the Commission on economy and employment of the Madrid Federation of municipalities. Since the election of 1999, and until the last mandate, He has been spokesman for the Popular Party in the city of Alcobendas. On 16 June 2007 he was elected Mayor of Alcobendas, after the victory of the PP absolute majority in municipal elections on May 27.

Manifiestela Law

Once we achieve a level of greater than the single resistance desire there is a step for the manifestation of our wish and is a universal law as the attraction that express Chopra 7 spiritual laws of success the law of detachment says that to acquire anything in the universe we must renounce our detachment to do so. Serious PIDES-let-receive the formula. At the beginning, when the law of attraction begins to manifest in our lives, we received a microwave oven, a portfolio, a perfume and although we are grateful, we ask ourselves by that I am not able to attract what more I need? If you need money, for that I first receive an imported perfume? If I can live without the? Because imported perfume we ask for it with a natural detachment, without pressure, no need us to feed our family, without knowing it, we are using the law of detachment with perfume and so manifests more quickly. To make the law of attraction work, there to get rid of the fear, the anxiety of not having what we ask. When faith is so great that lose you the fear of not receiving what you are asking, there manifests. Has happened in a month that didn’t work, receive miraculous way, things that I wanted to have but he died not having, in one month than what more he needed and more suffering was for the money in cash I received a new computer with flat panel monitor and printer, which coincided with which had been cut in my dreams albumthat day understood two things, first that when something needs to be manifest in my life, I don’t have money to buy it, the universe is in charge to come to me, and is manifested with more quickly what not ask with despair. Then I started firm in achieving detach me from what most need the money. .

Joako Murgas

Tribute to the King of the time lately scenarios is going fast. But really fast. Not otherwise explained that seven years since when departed for eternity Joako Murgas, the King of the scenarios after. The news about the death of this friend and pupil has been one of the most bad of how many have received in my life. According to the manuals of journalism one must learn to not be astonished at all, but the departure of a friend will always leave you perplexed. Newcomer to Maicao after a trip which turned academic commitments I collected in Duarte, the kindest driver terminal city. Not let me accommodate well when released, without anesthesia, the bad new: our mutual friend had died victim of a tragic accident.

The mood changed immediately. The joy of Homecoming was transformed into melancholy. Now the soul was wrinkled and mind filled with memories of the friend. My hands were rigid and my pale countenance. The view is clouded and I realized that she was crying again as I did when departed Armando Correa Saavedra, another close colleague in the everyday struggles of journalism, who two years earlier had gone. It was on 22 March 2003 and nobody would presage the fate of that boy cheerful and bouncy, who daily filled with his melodious voice Guajira households through the radio. Life reached him to be speaker, journalist, animator, college student and what you enjoyed most, a man of the people and for the people. The day of the funeral, the community met at the University of la Guajira to pay tribute to the friend and companion.

There, with tears in his eyes, someone promised to write a book that reflect its history, anecdotes, achievements and accomplishments. It was Wilder Murgas, his brother and a friend. Three years later, the book was printed and in circulation. It is entitled: Joako Murgas, the King of the scenarios. Wilder has fulfilled his word and in interviews for radio, where before the voice be heard now absent from Joako, repeated with insistence that the book is also a tribute to Armando Correa Saavedra, Edgar Perez Acosta, alvaro Duarte Padilla and Jaime Rengifo Junior, who delighted us with their prodigious voices now make company somewhere in eternity.