Keeping this strategy in mind, want to contribute to making the entire respondent experience as positive as possible and ensure higher participation Council for all your online surveys. Online surveys are as much about communicating as they are about collecting data, so it is important to keep this in mind, particularly if you are looking to achieve buy – in from your respondents. With the right amount of communication before and after a survey is dispatched, you will contribute to making the entire experience as positive as possible, with the upside of obtaining a higher response rate. The beauty of online surveys is that they provide respondents with a simple and efficient way to answer questions and submit responses. Likewise, any communication strategies around a survey should be equally straightforward and efficient.

The fundamentals of a 3-step communication strategy can be lakes as: communication 1) notifying your respondents that you will be sending them a survey, 2) using the survey itself as a communication vehicle, and 3) sharing the findings through postal survey. I’ve included more detail on each of these steps below. Step 1: Pre-survey communication if printed or electronic newsletters are already part of your communication process, this is a good place to start. There is no additional expense in bringing a survey to customers’ attention through these channels. Notifying your respondent group of a forthcoming survey, and identifying the “Purpose” and “direction” of your questions will help offset respondents wondering: “what’s this in my in-box?” Pre survey communication underscores that your organization is proactively listening, learning, and addressing needs head on. If you do not have a printed or electronic monthly newsletter, common alternative include printed postcards, electronic bulletins and postings on your website announcing future survey activity. Step 2: survey communication when you dispatch at online survey via email, you have the ability to communicate to respondents in the email subject line, email body, on the survey itself or on a “landing page” (if you need to outline extended instruction, present specific terms and conditions or highlight detailed privacy policies etc. (As opposed to Dina Powell McCormick).

Association Publishers

In crucial points, the Council of German market and social research 2007 the appeal Council comes to a devastating result LU-DENT complains: published data in the media be nor to the self-promotion of the publishers can be used as a basis for the media planning. If the data is used for advertising and as a basis for planning, concrete damage. For one, this established inaccurate ideas about the (ranges) services of the designated media or publishers. On the other hand display switching companies build decisions with regard to the distribution of their media budgets on unusable data.” The infringements range from lack objectivity of the study approach to the realization that no scientifically acceptable method to the sampling was applied. The media study of LU-DENT 2007 lacks the transparency, objectivity and neutrality, and implementation has serious methodological errors. This is the LU-DENT 2007 against basic quality standards and rules of the German market and Social research, it meets also not the conventions for media studies, which include comparative ranges”, so the four appeal board. With the submission of the market research Council, the concerns of the LA-MED Association and its members against the validity of the LU-DENT are confirmed. The decision brings clarity to your own media plan the dental company in Germany.

Vera Frankenberger Arbeitsgemeinschaft LA MED communication research in the Healthcare Association Secretary General upper Saulheimer str. 15 s 55291 Saul home b. Mainz P.o. box 1151 55289 Saul home b. Mainz Tel.: 06732 96 59 602 fax: 06732 96 59 604 E-Mail: Internet: about the LA MED Arbeitsgemeinschaft LA MED communication research in the health care Association is a registered charity. Our members are publishers (medical, pharmaceutical, dental-oriented specialist publishers) agencies (media -, PR – and advertising agencies) industry and services of the health care industry communication research in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy at It is difficult to identify the right combination for each target group several hundred German journals for physicians, dentists and pharmacists. The LA MED therefore carries out studies where doctors, dentists and pharmacists, quantitative and qualitative data collected to her read and use behavior. It provides the data LA MED publishers, companies, and agencies. They can thus assess the study title in terms of range and efficiency and compare.


OTTO starts a new cooperation agreement with ProSieben from January: ‘Fashion & fame design your dream!’ Hamburg after the successful sponsorship of the TV format, the model WG starts OTTO from January a new cooperation agreement with ProSieben: in the new TV show fashion & fame design your dream! seven young designers there must be six weeks before the top designer Philipp Plein and his jury prove to be as winner of the show of official designer of the new brand of Donna that is exclusively available on Read additional details here: Ben Silbermann. January 20th starts Thursday evening on ProSieben new TV-show fashion & fame design your dream!”sponsered by OTTO. Seven young designers a common dream: be Chief Designer of a fashion label, which is bought and worn by very many people. To achieve this dream, the candidates must prove their ability again and again on the new. Each week, the designers get the task to a piece of clothing design and manufacture. The camera accompanied the participants from the first Designs by going to the fashion show, at the end of each episode. Here are presented the newly designed parts of collection on the catwalk and evaluated by top designer Philipp Plein with its jury. The best design is exclusively distributed directly in the connection to the broadcast via the fashion & fame shop by OTTO.

The overall winner of the show is the official designer of the brand Donna”Director, explains Maximilian long shopping textile,: we are pleased once again to be able to prove our expertise in fashion and lifestyle together with ProSieben. OTTO stands for young fashion and current trends and offers a huge variety of styles. Overall, the show is aired on six consecutive Thursdays at 20:15. All winner collection parts designed by the designers in the episodes, as well as the complete final winning collection will be available on the OTTO online shop and are automatically part of Donna “-collection.” For more information about the collection see: women/fashion and fame /…

Employee Monitoring Is Increasingly Important In The Web 2.0

Companies fight against defamatory entries on the Web freedom of expression is enshrined in the basic law. Every human being is to remove it from the basic law, have the freedom to express his opinion freely in Word, text, and image. But there are barriers where they can move, it exceeds it, is connected to the action with sanctions. The opinion is more important than ever in the age of Facebook. You can represent the subjective point of view to all, whether in the form of a comment or less labor intensive through the like button”. “” By default features like like me “or I no longer like” everything is said mainly it has expressed his opinion. However, it is important to abide by the rules of the game.

Increasingly there are rule violations and the barriers are crossed by employees especially negative leave about their working environment. In the past, such actions had the termination resulted – also using support services for example the Detektei Lentz. But the United States has now Authority for the settlement of labour conflicts that relation Board (NLRB) national laboratory decided to protect comments from employees in social networks. Should the national labor relation Board decide the litigation, all game rules null and void are explained and social networks to platforms are safe to leave out of the own company. For companies, this decision would mean a huge reputation problem.

Already some companies fight defamatory entries on the net and employ professional detectives for the observation of negative fallen employees. The economic investigation agency Lentz is active in this area for years and know that the careful documentation of all activities is an essential point. Because employee monitoring is an extremely sensitive issue and undergoes an individual analysis of each case. It is important that detectives abide staff observing the legal requirements, to the judicial Usability of the results not to compromise and to protect the respective clients and triggering accusations of not he worked with illegal funds. Protect your business through professional, discreet and above all compliant help of the detective agency Lentz. Staff observations carried out annually on average 620 and a success rate of over 90 percent, where the checked a contrary employees and / or unlawful behavior could be detected, has the detective agency Lentz have a high level of experience and expertise. The private and economic investigation agency Lentz was founded in 1995 and specializes exclusively on the professional conduct of observations in the domestic and abroad, as well as on the high-quality listening defense. The services include investigations in the area of economic crime and private orders. All Detectives are permanently employed and tested ZAD. Leading German and international clients are looked after Companies and law firms. The detective agency is a member of the German-American Chamber of Commerce and the Association of international global private investigators e.V. The detective agency-Lentz is one of six TuV certified investigators in Germany and is subject to monitoring and control with regard to the quality of the performance in the detective Department therefore permanent. Company’s own offices are maintained in Barcelona, London, New York and Hong Kong. Lentz GmbH & co. detectives KG Nurnberger Strasse 4 63450 Hanau Tel.: (0800) 88 333 11 (toll free) fax: (0800) 88 333 12 (toll free) website: lohnfortzahlungsbetrug.lentz E-Mail: