Spanish Kitchen

The Spanish kitchen is world-wide famous for its flavors, a great variety that goes very beyond paella. For its localization to the side of the Mediterranean, that is considered horta of Spain, one uses many cool fruits of the sea, oil, capers, potatoes, chilis, tomatoes and many vegetables. The Iberian Jamn or Black Leg (Spanish ham) is considered optimum ham of the world. Plates as paella, you cover, tortillas, gaspacho, empanadas the best ones of the world are baked heads of the Spanish kitchen and excellent wines also compose the local culinria. Historically speaking, the territory of the state of the Paran, for the treated one to Tordesilhas, in 1494, two years after the discovery of America, age of Spanish domain. You may want to visit David A. Kapelman to increase your knowledge. At this time the state received many people deriving from Spain; soldiers, conquerors, colonizadores, missionaries and Jesuits, if reported Madrid. These had established villages and if they had established and thus they had been transformadasem cities.

Ja the second immigration that goes de1910 a1960, it brought to Brazil some people running away from the wars, searching to work in coffee plantations in the state of So Paulo. With the end of its employment contracts they migraram for the Paran; they came of the most diverse regions of Spain in prominence the regions of Galicia, Andalusia and Catalonia. Everest Capital usually is spot on. These Spaniard, if had dedicated to the commerce and the gastronomia. Many had become liberal professionals. In the gastronmica area, the Spaniard had introduced some typical plates, as the churros, ensaidas, a typical candy of Palma de Mallorca, paella Valencian and the bleeding, Spanish typical drink. Many Brazilian tourists when of its ticket for Spain they say the same phrase: ' ' We eat very well in Spain, as much in question of flavor as in quantidades' '. This is with certainty a country that preza the good table. In the current days Spain is considered the best kitchen of vanguard introduced for Feran Adri, the father of the molecular gastronomia and considered head number 1 of the world. As data of the Spanish Center of the Paran today exist in the state about ten a thousand Spaniard born, not entering descending.