Southern Patio

It’s been a while I began to imagine a clothing brand that embodies a unique style, based on the taste that I acquired in my life. The passion for clothes and the design comes from that “Barbie” with him playing in design in the late ’80s, from the family business of textiles in Olavarria, and from the molding and cutting classes I took and in adolescence. My brother, my friends, always taking me shopping with them, to advise them, give them my opinion and tell them what they chose if they had good or bad, because I think one of my strengths is being sincere. Later would come the Fashion Design Career at UBA. But above all my passion for clothes and design associated with continuous observation in the way of being of persons, in trends in Hollywood cinema, the dance that allowed me to learn the secrets of motion. So I chose to dump all this in a clothing brand, give strength and enhances the personality of my clients, and give them a share of style and personality. From this place, seeking the charm, I chose to build a brand from my country. Hence the name “South Yard” because it is the design progresses from the south of the world we inhabit. Especially in these times when our design begins to appear and be recognized in the global village.