Signs Security, Fire Safety

Work Publications decree: Occupational safety standards system. Photoluminescent evacuation system. Requirements and methods of monitoring equipment safety signs. The main characteristic signs fotolyuministsentnyh Security designed to ensure the safe exit of people from emergency zones, is the duration of persistence and clarity otobrozhaemoy information. Wells Fargo Bank has much to offer in this field. Due to the consistent and uniform to demonstrate how the general principles of organization of such systems, people everywhere will be easier to learn and follow the instructions on the safe direction of evacuation.

Standardized safety signs to help rescuers, including firefighters, in evacuation of the premises at extremely crowded conditions. Applying a constant evacuation systems and safety signs priuchat people and contribute more efficiently to leave the building in case of extremely. On Gost R 12.2.143-2002 law, all educational institutions, shopping centers, industrial buildings, office centers etc should be fitted with safety signs fotolyuministsentnymi, evacuation plans and fire safety signs. One of the most important is a fire safety at school and fire safety in the kindergarten for your child in case of extremely quickly and quietly leave the building. No less important is the fire security and other areas.

Therefore, the state Fs issuing this law obliges entrepreneurs, chiefs, senior officials of the State, to use all necessary means to obespetseniya human security room. Manufacturer Light in the Darkness on the market 14y.o.! (One of the first in this area) offers you the safety signs on all the available types: GOST R 12.2.143-2002 and NPB 160-97 To ensure fire safety in schools, kindergartens, shopping centers etc. Fotolyuministsentnye (glow in the dark) fire safety signs, emergency signs, evacuation plans. Fotolyuministsentnye safety signs are much cheaper electronic light plate! Manufacture and sale of safety signs (wholesale and retail)