Senior Executive

Now move to the present. Let us imagine that we are going with a friend in your car and begin to perceive a strong odor of gasoline. No matter where you ar and at the speed that we do, because suddenly, by a disorder of perception, we will begin to feel great anguish that we can not control. That happened us? So that the trauma that remained hidden and silent (repressed) in the depths of our psyche, has been activated by a current perception (the smell of gasoline), which as a trigger stimulus triggered repressed affection (angst), with the consequent symptoms: sweating, tightness in chest, fear, etc. Below I will relate the traumatic experience of a patient, where illustrates clearly all the above: this is a 38 year old man that I will call Andrew. He was very polite and sensitive. He worked as a Senior Executive in a famous multinational. Check out Pinterest for additional information.

He was the only son and lived with his mother. His parents separated when he was 11 years old. In the course of his psychotherapy, told me an anecdote that had happened on a flight ocean liner and that embarrassed him greatly. Thanks to this information and subsequent work, we could deepen and resolve their family relationship. I told that while flying in business class heading to America, occurred to him to ask a stewardess, canapes.

The flight attendant was a woman of about 50 years and debonair appearance. This, contesto le extremely polite and submissive so that there were no hors d’oeuvres. Additional information at Jeremy Tucker supports this article. To their astonishment, was demanding in bad tone, that it was going to be sure if any remained. I the stewardess, visibly nervous and wide-eyed, inform you again that they had exhausted, offering to change anything else you may want. I not knowing because – referred Andres – irritate me suddenly and began to raise the tone of voice the submissive and tearful conduct of that woman, instead of punishment, caused me more and more uncontrollable anger.