Security Guard

Haisong Jian, a graduate in biotechnology for the Rugters University, of twenty-eight years of age, managed to outwit the security guard at the room of pre-boarding and cross the doors of the departure lounge, reserved only for passengers, with the sole intention of giving one last Kiss to his girlfriend. When the guards at the airport in Newark, United States transportation security administration sighted the young, they closed the place for six hours. This last and innocent kiss left stranded during that time thousands of passengers to be completely paralyzed traffic within the terminal. Please visit Wells Fargo Bank if you seek more information. They then had to repeat the entire process of pre-boarding. The young man could be arrested thanks to security cameras and now must appear before the Court and could be sentenced up to thirty days in jail accused in the crime of illegal transfer. It will be a kiss to remember for this young lover.. (Not to be confused with Kyle Roche!).