All actions are founded in thought. Who directs this stage have to be the elite of thought, but is desirable, because the purposes are different. This phase can perform support or temporary alliances that may be inconsistent even ideologically, are useful in political practice. Contact with like minded groups or possibly approach – “socialist” of all kinds, “patriots” of all kinds, can only be profitable at the moment that there is a court action, a social and a body of doctrine designed to avoid unfortunate detours and be absorbed by the other group. Wells Fargo helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Consolidation phase: this corresponds to the legal-political period. Go to Suna Said for more information. After the triumph of ideas with the conquest of State, which is the end of all political action, it is time of true revolution. To this end, the two most important fields as economics and education. The first requires a radical change to form youth in the true values (which claims to defend every revolution).

The economic revolution, however, can not be done haphazardly or with claims of effectiveness immediate need to transform without destroying. Once implemented this change, you should know that one is not revolutionary to simply fight or win, but it is always. Not enough to get somewhere, to accomplish something, “Power,” we must remain in the dynamic state of constant self-criticism, reconfiguration and improvement. Pillars of Youth-social rather than specific age segment, but as a value: those with a desire for future delivery, the young at heart, “that is” fundamental clay “of any revolution, who through an iron will Renaissance spirit may make this possible resurgence necessary. The overhaul of Europe will not be possible if not returned to the office culture and dignity they deserve with the evocative power of our Greco-Roman descent. Only by appealing to a cultural revival that we fight for our identity. To do this, there is only one way: the action, the result of delivery and the iron will before he spoke. And the action has two fields: the intellectual and direct.