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PVC windows are installed in virtually every building, in private and public institutions, shops, shopping centers, offices. What explains the popularity of plastic profiles? Maybe it's just a persistent Advertising? However, the continuously low-quality goods to sell advertising alone – is impossible. Sooner or later, consumers are convinced that wasted money and the demand for goods will fall sharply. But a stable plastic box sold each year, only increasing the volume of sales. More and more families prefer to replace the old wooden windows with new ones. -of-industry-from-2020-2026/’>ClearSky Business or emailing the administrator. What benefits are PVC windows? The first and most important difference, which is reported in advertising of plastic windows – it's warm. Indeed, the PVC material in combination with multi-glazed windows and air-tightness good at keeping you warm in the house, protecting it from the street below zero. More than once proved that if two different room, identical in their characteristics, wooden and plastic supply box – then in a room with PVC profiles will become warmer by several degrees after a couple of hours.

A second advantage – convenience – is also hard to argue. Plastic windows can be of any design – with one or more valves, which rotate at different angles, as well as function mikroprovetrivaniya. At any time of year, you can quickly ventilate a room, without fear of cold. In addition, the care of the windows of PVC is reduced to a minimum – enough to wipe the frame with a damp cloth, and glass – the usual detergent, which does not leave any streaks, like old glass. Another obvious plus of PVC windows – is sound and noise reduction. This is especially important for the residents of metropolis, where the constant street noise and traffic are deprived of normal recreation. Plastic windows are soundproofed and have a patented system guaranteed to absorb sound by 30-40 dB, which is not true of simple wooden boxes. Also, plastic windows famous for its reliability.

It would seem that if you want a lot of windows? Enough so that it opens and closes, when needed. But the fact of the matter is that wood windows are broken far more often in places of attachment, they can "stick" to creak, skip the cold air and deliver a lot of trouble. Of course, the plastic profile is not very good, but the percentage of failures in high-quality PVC windows in the order of magnitude smaller. Plastic window will serve you for over 40 years, without changing its appearance. And what will happen with wood in 2-3 years? Its definitely have to repaint – and this is the most minor repairs of all. And finally, best of all – it's aesthetic appearance window. Plastic can take almost any shape: he painted in any color, imitate wood, covered with a special film – options for the design very much. PVC window can be easily modified to any interior space and style, but even a simple white plastic profile looks nice and modern. And certainly it does not spoil the architectural appearance of the building. As you see, the plastic windows do have advantages over wood, it has been confirmed over the years and hundreds of thousands of customers. That's why the PVC windows continue to actively sell around the world, regardless of the season, prices and other conditions.