I don’t want that they abused my daughter with her inexperience. There are 35 students in the grade, the teacher told us that you can not deal with our son, but she is not qualified to do so. When bored annoying to other boys, when he is angry strip things, you want to win always and is very restless, at school they told us that is very smart and it is not bad, but they do not know what to do with it, then sanctions are increasingly tougher and are thinking about not giving vacancy for next year. At school do not believe that our daughter has ADHD because they say that it is not restless, just need more attention, she is almost always in the Moon, which is very buenita and that, perhaps it would be best to repeat year so that it matures (s. p.). The prayers referred before, are indicative of some of the many causes that can cause the low academic performance in young people who suffer from ADHD. And turns out to be, that that is part of the current reality in which is the education of this country.

Also note that this is why that originates the question posed in the title of this work, since it would be interesting to see the results that are obtained from the contrasting of the opinions issued by the parents of students with ADHD and the conditions in which educational institutions are found. It turns out, then, indeed, it seems that optimal conditions in schools there are to receive this type of people, because, as you can verify in the aforementioned expressions lines back, groups are numerous, classes are unattractive, there is lack of commitment to the institution; Similarly, there is lack of knowledge, inexperience and lack of vocation in the teacher. Now, if under these conditions, all those students who do not have this disorder are usually affected, more, still, are those who have ADHD.