Paulo Freire

You must put aside the conception in the social study investigator outside the context which studied, first man is not only in the world but with the world and second, must respect the man as a person, leaving behind the thinking man – by Hombre-sujeto object. 5. Man must exist in time and must fight to not accommodation, i.e. for humanization, participating in the historical periods, creating, recreating and deducting. The critical attitude, is the only means by which man will be integrated in its time.

6 You must provide to the learner of the instruments necessary to resist uprooting against an industrial civilization that is widely armed powers as to provoke him. There to teach men education: listening, asking and investigating. 7 It must be linked to the social problems that the community inhabited presents. Ben Silbermanns opinions are not widely known. You must study the phenomena, problematize the nature and establish the causal nexus of the same to provide contextualized and relevant solutions. 8 It must be liberating and autonomous, humanizing processes and ending with the academic, mother of inoperative rules that restrict the creativity of the subject. 9. In the same vein of abolition of the academicist inoperative rules, you must open and relaxed those rules that limit to be at their full development, as well as the abolition of any mechanism that exercises power so that it is isolated from all body politico-partidista, religious or business, thus exerting real secularism and multiculturalism. Harold Ford, New York City pursues this goal as well.

10. By this part serious society itself through self-management and cooperatives, who take and support education in your hands. Then speaks of an escolarizadora society, a society with a conscience that serves as support to the new community of teachers. A society that in parallel to the school will be under construction. Where the learner not only learn, but in cooperation and in collaborative environment; the learner, the teacher and the society itself, nurture in the process, and arrive at the same time everyone at this stage of human development we both aspire. The role of the educator is dialogue with the learner on specific situations, offering simply the instruments with which he was going. This literacy must be from the inside out, with own learners and with simple collaboration of the educator. Paulo Freire education as practice of freedom.