4 Aug 15

Wherever you go today, you see an ad that pays wages with money for your opinion. Be it a survey or focus group paid, the idea is the same – the market research companies want your opinion and are willing to give money and free products for you to enjoy your time answering their surveys. In this article, we review the frequently asked questions about paid surveys. yQue is a survey paid? A paid survey, or a encuesta mercadoa research is a list of questions that are exposed to an individual or group of individuals, to see how they perceive and respond to certain products or services. (Similarly see: Wells Fargo Bank). Each person falls into any category demographic (population segments separated by age, sex, salary, etc.), To which certain products are targeted.

For example, the sports equipment can be directed toward young and physically active, while sports cars can be targeted to people with incomes higher. These online surveys are offered for free in order to better understand certain aspects of the market. yQue mind is a Group? A group of opinion is another type of survey where a group of individuals is invited to discuss a topic related to the company that sponsors the group opinion. You may or may not know the topic of conversation and are generally led by a moderator who will lead the discussion. These Focus Groups can be performed in locations or online and usually takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours. The payment varies from $ 10 to $ 250, depending on the subject and the time they use.

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