News Judgment To The Child Benefit Gives Parents Financial Advantage

AWD: Finanzgericht Munster decides on behalf of the families of Hanover in October 2009: the lending practices at the child benefit provoked again legal controversy between applicant parents and the local family funds. The recent judgment of the Finanzgericht Munster German continue with their family-friendly jurisdiction judges AWD according to. AWD advises to do so for example use the accrued financial benefits to training insurance or a fund savings plan. Once again a court ruling on the subject of child support provides headlines and from a parents perspective tangible financial benefits. So the third Senate of the Finanzgericht Munster beginning June this year decided that posts for a family insurance in the allocation of child allowances reduce the income: contributions of the child to a voluntary legal health and long-term care insurance as well as unavoidable contributions to a private health and long-term care insurance reduce the income even if the child in the context of a family insurance is insured\”(REF. 3 K 840/08 kg). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ben Silbermann . According to AWD the trend in case law continues with this judgment in 2009, to strengthen the position of families compared to the family coffers on the spot.

Already in 2006, the Bundesfinanzhof had decided that voluntary contributions to statutory health insurance, such as mandatory contributions to private health insurance, to take into account in the calculation of income are. Families, whose earning fell below the annual limit amount of 7680 euros according to the judgment of the Bundesfinanzhof, could successfully claim that their entitlement to child benefit and in addition provide for their children’s future. In the current case, AWD advises clients who have completed a family insurance to take advantage of the financial advantages resulting from the judgment immediately for the protection of their children. So education insurance, which is paid out to the baseline, for example is recommended in many cases and for the payment of tuition fees or the financing of Can be used abroad.