Mystery Shopping

Have a group of trainers who could conduct training for all departments – more expensive (and necessary?) – many companies are seeing a clear difference of the Ukrainian market and management of the West, but also noting that in every region of Ukraine formed their business canons and relationships – understand that it is better to entrust adjustment of business processes, "the coach-regional" than Moscow or Kiev "star", from which you hear often: "we do so, and you, of course, the market-spec-and-optical, and …." Realizing the need for regular monitoring Market HR company NAVIGATOR several times a year conducting a survey of enterprises, reveals an interest in some or other topics and formats for training. Others who may share this opinion include boston private. We analyze the demand for ready-made training products as well as on potentially interesting. Thus, we are expanding the assortment of training services and make them more targeted. Thus, in late 2005 in our arsenal, a new method of evaluation and motivation "Mystery Shopper", whose main objective – to evaluate the level of service company. According to our customers who have this method of sales promotion, sales in the period of the campaign Mystery Shopping increase in two-three times. Most often our customers (consumers precisely this service) are firms well developed retail chain and aspiring in tough competition occupy leading market position. Earlier this year QA "Navigator" conducted another study in order to create a calendar of trainings for 2006. The survey polled more than 100 managers and HR-managers of companies Lugansk.

It should be noted that they were all very active and willing to share their observations regarding the plans and training of personnel changes at their companies. The information obtained has helped us to make adjustments to some programs and establish himself schedule of trainings. After processing the data, we noted that, compared with previous years 2006 issue of staff motivation – one of the most popular. The need for this training to their companies have recognized the 35.5% of our respondents. Also, one of the most sought after in order to remain an "effective sales technology." Despite the fact that many firms can rightly be called "giants" of sales, relevance of the subject admits 21.6% of respondents. The need to move to the partnership style of doing business says the increased interest in the topic "The Art of Negotiating" – 22.3%.

In general, increased interest in the topics of "quality service" and "The attacker marketing / business" – 9.5% and 7.5% respectively. Given the high workload of staff of many companies and the density of their working hours, we have proposed a new format for training – one day FAST training. It is interesting to note that most respondents believed – an effective team of employees at 80% is the key to a successful business. 39.2% of executives surveyed believe one of its main objectives is development and motivation of a team. An important factor in creating a healthy climate in the team, are an effective conflict resolution skills in the enterprise. In conflict situations, often employees do not understand what actually occurs and which takes their energy and time. Tasks and goals of the organization pushed to the background, as staff employed by the conflict. Few managers know how to deal with conflict in teams, most can not change the emotional attitude. The best thing he can do – is to step aside and give employees themselves to solve their problems. Therefore, the second highest value among the rapid training of business leaders is theme – "Resolution of industrial disputes."