Magical Australia

VOLMETER The Australian terrain has given way to the sacred world of their Aboriginal. Ayers Rock and meteorites craters are some of the icons of the Outback. You can make guided tours or roam free renting vans or motorcycles. Coinciding with our summer, the austral winter offers us the possibility to imagine some special trips. This is time, for example, the best time of year to visit the magical interior of Australia.

In this rural area of the island, called the Outback, the traveller can find vagaries of nature that fascinate even though scientists have managed to discover its origin. Since time immemorial, these landscapes have given way to the sacred world of the aborigines, who inhabited these lands for more than 50,000 years. The interior of the Northern Territory, geographic center of the island, offers a path that allows to see in a few days some of the icons of the natural Australia. The great Australian rock in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is which is probably the best known of them, Ayers profile Rock. This Rock, which receives the name of Uluru in indigenous language anangu, is considered the largest monolith in the world, with over 9 km of contour, an altitude of 348 metres above the surface and 2.5 kilometers under the ground. Recognized heritage site in 1987, this natural icon is not always equal. In the dry season their colours vary according to the time of day, and in rainy season the rock becomes silver with black stripes that draw the water courses.

Another sacred place to the first inhabitants of this territory, Kata Tjuta is located 32 kilometres west of Uluru. This area of 21 square kilometers, also known as the Olgas, is punctuated by geological formations of more than 500 million years old, showing a reddish appearance of domes. It is accounted for a total of 36 and the highest is Mount Olga, which exceeds to Ayers Rock in more than 200 meters. Valleys of meteorites and lots road in near this park can be found several places essential to the amateur astronomy and the curious in general. Gosee Bluff or Tnorala crater was originated by a kite of some 600 meters in diameter that fell in the center of the continent more than 140 million years ago. Now, in addition to being considered a sacred place, its 20 kilometres in diameter are part of a reserve of scientific interest. The landscape of Henbury Meteorites, which consists of 12 is also protected craters bored by meteorites that fell in this area around 4,700 years ago. But also see ridges and depressions, visitors to this area can enjoy refreshing baths in puddles as the Glen Helen Gorge, which is called the garden of Eden. It is a perfect territory for those travelers who like to camp and roam free. In all these places there are guided tours and tour packages you can hire, but it is also open to those who prefer to rent a vehicle and explore at your own pace some of the highways in the interior of Australia. The offer ranges from vans equipped, as those that can be found in Wicked, to models of Harley Davinson that rents the Uluru Cycles company to travel alone or with guide.