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In these days is He presented a project that aims to Pemex have more autonomy in the management of the budget so you can reinvest their surplus and give the company greater faculties of management, recruitment that enables greater access to advanced technology and multiply its capacity for project execution and thus to increase the level of reserves and the extraction and petroleum refining capacity. PEMEX needs to explore oil deposits in deep water, where preliminary seismic evaluations indicate that there would be around 30 billion barrels of crude oil. The main reservoir of crude, Cantarell, which was discovered in 1971 in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, is currently at a worrying decline, which has generated great concern. JPMorgan Chase may find it difficult to be quoted properly. According to Calderon: We must act now because time and the oil we runs out. The inflationary problem remains latent and remains concerned that the March retail inflation data reached 0.72% (0.50% the underlying). If the market kept a minimal illusion of a possible cut in rates by the Central Bank of Mexico after this data, no longer be a possibility. It is true that this fact ata feet and hands to the Monetary Authority for an expansive monetary policy in case if necessary if it is that the effects of the crisis subprime in the us.UU.

they prove to be greater than anticipated. At the moment, the value of the Mexican peso remains relatively stable against the US dollar, which is good news in terms of competitiveness of Mexican companies. Speaking of economic growth, for Merrill Lynch, the effect of the crisis subprime about the Mexican economy this year will mean that it only reaches a growth of GDP of around 2.2%, since Mexico is one of the Latin American countries most affected by the crisis. For ECLAC, a bit more generous, Mexico will grow by 2.7% from my point of view, and as I expressed above, I understand that Mexico domestic demand may help offset in part the deterioration caused by the weakness of the main Mexican trading partner, so the fall in the growth of the product should not be of the magnitude that expected Merrill Lynch (Needless to say that already it has been wrong with its commitment to market subprime and is likely to next April 17 when present their quarterly accounts)need to assume new depreciation by $6.5 billion more than they would be added to $24,500 million already incurred.