15 Aug 15

Why Russia has no such example or not? Because the main priority of Russian business – short-term profits. Dominated by short-term profit, there is no loyalty and will not. ” Russian companies will get in the way of formation of these programs targeted work with customers, customer loyalty programs. Our market went a long way in dealing with buyers: the projects have evolved from massive discount to its differentiation and the appearance of bonuses, catalogs, awards and other instruments. (Source: Ben Silbermann). And the emergence of successful and profitable loyalty program demonstrates that Russian companies are on the right track.

Comment: Natalia Chinenova, Director Moscow office of the corporation Sela: ‘In the present context the loyalty program – an opportunity not only to increase sales, how to survive at the expense of loyal customers. The corporation Sela there domestic loyalty programs, in particular the program “Year seller” for staff of shops, and external to attract buyers. Thus, the company Sela and bank “Tinkoff Credit Systems” provide customers Sela club credit card. Choosing a partner for a coalition loyalty program, we were guided by the ability to actually get new customers at minimal cost to our side. By the same project as a result attract internal resources, allowing the two sides did not have significant costs. The mechanism of the club’s credit card is simple: regular buyers Sela can fill out a form for a loan. If Bank satisfied with the information the buyer receives a credit card co-branding.

Holders of co-branding cards shops Sela offer a discount of 7%. This information store staff brings to customers in the process of communication, and information about the program posted on the website. The program operates in all regions where it is represented by Sela. Now corporate client base consists of several hundred thousand records. On the basis can be formed portrait of a buyer to understand the frequency of purchases and get a lot of other useful information for improving the company. ” Original published in the 6th edition of the room “Krasnodar Business Journal.” Address interview on the Internet.

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