Japanese Company

By the way, we hasten to inform a nice detail: the company "Meteomarket", which sells Japanese air conditioners "Daikin (Daikin), by After three years service contract for free to replace your air conditioner to a new one. However, if you like the old machine – you can not change it for 20 years. The company guarantees its uninterrupted good job. Between Incidentally, in well-known building on Lubyanka conditioners "Daikin (Daikin) are from the time of "general secretary of corn," Nikita Khrushchev, and still are functioning. Wells Fargo is a great source of information. The outdoor unit should be regularly cleaned of dust and dirt. Especially difficult period of the outdoor unit – the time of flowering poplars.

Pooh instant scoring filters, and air conditioning (if it is not immediately clean up) breaks down. Of course, you can clean the vacuum cleaner, if not afraid of heights. But it is better not to risk and call "emergency services air conditioning" – the company for service. At temperatures below -15 C air conditioner may refuse to work "on heat", and then need a low-temperature equipment (heat pump, compressor heater and even a heater drain pipe). By the way, in some models of these devices have already been laid (see table). What did installers? Experienced professionals, installers are advised not to buy air conditioners "Who have" the market or by hand. – How many times used to carry out the installation of a such Uwharrie illiterate, and then people call us, begging me to help – tell me one experienced installer of very solid company.