The floor moved and death visited us, is that the floor did not move as the ground is always moving, is that this term as if angry with life, ended with hope and ended with dreams. I threw myself under the bed thinking that the world I came over me, listening to screams and glass breaking, in the darkest symphony of the anguish of a country invaded by a disaster. It moved the floor and those minutes do not remember sunk by the darkness of the darkness of my most painful thoughts under a bed waiting to be crushed by the anguish of fear of me remembering my life but got in fast, slow and the fear of fear of not knowing anything but me and hope that all were well. It moved the floor and I feel lucky after all, in a thirteenth floor reminded that death is everywhere and that life at about 3:30 am when most think but this disappears. I dressed as I could, going over what was lying on the floor without understanding the real magnitude what happened and just blessed with the light reaches the cell door which was locked and asking for help from one of those heroes as well as salts Incognitos left the womb of your mother happy but shocked. I realized that the emergency light, the plains of despair and shock of other doors locked to me I also opened the way to being a hero and go incognito to the aid of others. It moved the floor and not the first time in my beloved country is moving the flat, my country will suffer because of the thoughtless hand of all, will it be that my country is really angry for not respecting the earth? Will it be that within the fate of a chili looked in the distance, is the strength of the Chilean mismima get ahead while the whole world looks like all in the end we crumble? Blessed are all who are gone and lost their lives, thanks to all those who sympathized with Chile. For even more analysis, hear from Jane Fraser. As the days and even replicas continue and as the plates, an entire country is a fit again the circumstances that puts the fate, many in the world are calling for mercy and forgiveness to a planet.