How To Live In The Style Of Business 2.0

What is Business 2.0? And why is it needed? With these questions we will now investigate. But from the beginning let's define what exactly is the business in general. And so in order. Business in its ordinary sense But no, I did not properly started. Try to understand who is a businessman. See Robert Kiyosaki for more details and insights. Imagine a man who from morning to evening and from evening to morning makes finance, people and knowledge to work for themselves for profit. He has a lot of money, far more than he can spend. But he has no free time.

He is afraid to leave his business for a few days! But if months it's frightening to think about. If you do so, it is no good will not. He is a slave of his position and money. And health is also not important. I would like to edit so busy.

Not yet picked up, and there will not will, there is time. Good picture of ladies and gentlemen looms. Here is what I call living in style Business 1.0 and now version 2.0 is not only frightened, terrible events to draw more will not. So what is this mysterious version 2.0? – You ask. Just imagine! You enjoy your holiday on the Caribbean coast or skiing in the Alps, or travel on Europe, or just do what you want at the moment, but the business is working for you. You do not have a week, month, year! And it works. That is flooded! – Think you are – a fairy tale? No! What is in the business of 1.0? Have money but no free time and health.